Wow – what a time! If you’re sensitive, you may have already Happy Solstice videobeen feeling a bit of turbulence – the weather yes, but beyond this – to the core. In Australia we’re in winter and it’s the longest night with the shortest day. In the northern hemisphere, it’s the longest day. For Summer, it’s the ‘peak of the party’ (from Jane Hardwicke Collings) and there’s a sense of being in the climax of busy-ness, socialising and contributing as part of the community.

For the winter, it’s literally the darkest hour, the deepest time of inner reflection and rejuvenation. At this time we take stock; and perhaps we face the intensity of some of our most hidden, unconscious wounds or themes. Perhaps you’re realising that it’s time to release an old relationship, or time to stop playing down your spiritual gifts, or to start being more authentic in any area of your life. Whatever you’re realising now, it’s a potent and important time to look clearly at what’s going on for you and release it with a small, but sincere ceremony. Because it’s also the full moon, the releasing quality is amplified, and we have an added, extra oomph to our intentions and release.

1. As with any full moon ceremony, it’s a good idea to announce : “I let go of … ” (enter any behaviour pattern, relationship, fear or stress here)
2. And follow with : “I give thanks for …” (enter aspects of your life that you are enjoying, that is helping you grow, that gives you support and a sense of belonging etc)

I like to light a candle in my altar, look to the moon and place my forehead on the earth. Drawing energy up from Mother Earth through the feet and down through the crown, allows a connection with all that is above and all that is below. We are sacred beings and it’s important to recognise the sanctity of all that we are and all that we are a part of – such as humanity, our Great Mother Earth, the cosmos, the Universe.

If you can manage to make some time for these two aspects, you can rest assured that you’re aligning with the great waves of change that are occurring and that are ahead!

We have a huge influx of light and love through waves of intense photo-energy from the great central sun right now (many teachers are writing about it – here’s one to read more at here). Some say that this is our invitation to ascend completely from 3D experience and into our christed selves, however my guidance tells me that this is a time to be allowing and accepting of all realities occurring concurrently on our planet – and through this allowing and fearless accepting, we are bringing the Christ Consciousness into our earthly bodies and the 3D plane, allowing it to expand and incorporate multi-dimensions at once.

This particular solstice has been a time for becoming aware of the remaining shadow – the traumas – the disowned aspects – the unconscious denial and compensatory behaviours. What aspects of ourselves are we unwilling to see or accept and that have been making it difficult for us to move forward? Have you felt stuck in any way, or like you’re at a block in the road?

The current light is opening our vision, so to speak, so that we are more able to conceive what our discomfort is about and what old energy is trying to be released. With the combination of being able to more acutely see, feel or know what we’re trying to release, and being more sensitive to feeling the energetic shifts that are taking place in our environments (e.g. full moon energy is often felt like a swell of intensity building during the whole week prior), it’s easy to appreciate that we are indeed becoming more aware and that we are transcending the old states of victim-hood or being trapped or ‘not having a choice’. We are no longer able to submit to the expectations of the ‘matrix’ (the confines of time, space, societal “norms”, others’ expectations of us) and are forced to follow our own sense of authenticity and integrity.

Thank you for rising in this way!
We are each responding to and creating from the leading edge of expansion of consciousness – from victim to victorious; from martyr to self-actualisation.

As someone who has experienced trauma in my younger years, it’s been a life-long journey of peeling back the layers and seeing the reality of these experiences, understanding the purpose of these experiences and using my own alchemy to turn these into my greatest strengths. Whenever we have suffered, we are given the seeds (or ingredients) for a powerful medicine. You can turn your medicine into a gift through creativity or even your life’s work.

There is no shame or guilt in the suffering or seeing an experience for what it was, but you are now able to use the current energetic environment and events such as the potent full moon/solstice energy to reach deeper states of clarity and integration.

My great love to you on this journey, of discovering the sovereignty and sanctity of your wonderful self.



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