Let’s face it, channeling is a bit weird.
It’s fascinating and yet mind-boggling, but how does it even work?

I’ve had some big changes in my life : the birth of my girls being some of them, as well as overcoming depression, addictions, forgiveness and grief and then … finally being in a positive relationship.

I look back and see that through all of these ups and downs, I had a constant – my spirituality. Communication with the other realms of existence beyond the seeing eyes. An infinite supply of love, guidance and potential. I have had the gift of being able to receive and utilise guidance from on high, and to be picked up when I fell flat on my face. When I listened, and followed the guidance, I flew and rose high! When I ignored, it was often flat or worse, struggle street. Even though the guidance has always been there, I’ve not always chosen to listen.

I am reflecting on the role channeling has played in my life because I’m at a crossroads now. I’ve just given birth to my little girl and I’ve become really consumed with the roles of motherhood and partnership. The material aspects of life need to be taken care of but it can also be totally dull, especially for a free-flying, cosmic Goddess like me. Delving deep into nappies, toddler tantrums and never-ending washing, I’ve not had a lot of time to channel. Coming out of the daze of the first 3 months of baby’s life, I am channeling again. The familiar, calm comes over me and tears of healing fall down my cheeks. I understand that it is through deep diving into the not-so-pleasant parts of everyday, we are given even broader perspective and keep the human feet on the ground. My spirit is calling me to do both now. Channel and mother, be a partner and share my work. Use all of the hats. With more conviction and light than ever. Even if it’s been a struggle to surrender and say Yes. I’m here now.

So I found my Why’s and am sharing my answers with you!

Why Channel #1 :
Channeling helps me to see within; beyond the fear, competition and destruction in the world, and beyond my own little mind. I have a view through the lens of love, wisdom and understanding that takes me out of my little mind and into the infinite heart, the heart of consciousness. There’s nothing that compares.

Why Channel #2 :
It is actually very very fun! When I channel, the content and vibrations lift my mood and make me laugh. Being able to feed through this energy stream into a room or group of people is one of the greatest feelings on earth. In fact, I would say it’s my happy place. The energy that flows through my body is electrifying at times, like kundalini rising, hold and cold shivers, and an enormous expansion in my heart. The tingling and clarity within my chakras and physical body stay with me and are frequently experienced by those receiving these messages.

Why Channel #3 :
Channeling accelerates third eye awakening and spiritual awareness. I am speaking of my own experience and those who have given me feedback after attending my courses. Whilst the physical eyes allow us to see outwardly, it is our third eye that allows us to see inwardly, and beyond the physical dimensions. Through channeling, I’ve experienced visions that explain the phenomena of Being in spirals, wormholes, universes and dimensions. This isn’t a rational type of concept, but an experience that raises perception beyond every day life, beyond the dimensions of time or space ; beyond normal ‘thinking’ . It is very much like meditation but a co-creative experience that is exhilarating and expansive. The process of channeling is inviting energy to flow through the layers of bodys – the physical, mental, emotional and etheric. The movement of this energy charges and expands the energy centres and a feeling of wellbeing, trust, creativity, confidence, love and connection ensues. 

Why Channel #4 :
I receive answers. Answers to issues that worry my little mind, concerns that have been conditioned into my being since a babe, conflicts that have occurred in my relationships and the perfect medicine to transform, transcend and grow through this earthly experience. I receive answers on who I’ve been, who I’m becoming and how I’m connected to all beings within the cosmos. I am given the peace of mind and the love that creates all living things. And it’s non-denominational, not swaying me towards someone or something, simply into the reality of love.

If any of these aspects of Channeling speak to you, connect with me for a channeled session. They are different to a standard psychic reading, in that these sessions allow me to speak directly from your Guide, rather than relaying information that is projected into my third eye (another, equally joyful experience!).

For the remainder of February I have availability via Skype or in person in Robertson for your own channeled session. If you’re interested in becoming a Channel yourself or to receive some channeled guidance, come along to my Opening to Channel course, 16 & 17 April 2016 in beautiful Robertson, where the energy is clear and clean. Email here.  

With brightest love,

Naomi Nonu-Carling
Channel, Psychotherapist, Soul Coach

p.s. Have you had an inkling that you can channel or that you would like to experience it? Chances are, you’re being given signs and invitations from your Guides that it is time.


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