Greeting Dear Ones,

Thank you for calling upon our support and guidance this day.

When your heart is broken and you seek to find clarity and forgiveness, answers and gratitude, it can be difficult to move beyond the stories of the past.

But know this – you are always in a state of growth and expansion. There is nothing that you are going through that is not for your highest good and that will not serve your greatest growth and renewal. Indeed, much of what you are going through now is necessary for the next step in your expansion, the expansion of the golden field. You are going to “upgrade” if you will, by allowing yourself to become more of who you truly are – the greatest evolutionary step your manifestation here on earth. The manifestation of You.

You, on a soul level, in your highest aspect, do not take this journey lightly and indeed as you adjust and warp and influence time and space, you are discovering that there is no limit to what you can become. You personally Naomi have the intention ot become more understanding, more compassionate, more forgiving, more strong in your standing and in your knowledge of self and integrity. You are questioning everything right now and this is perfectly in alignment with your growth. You must question everything to discover exactly who it is that you are becoming.

And so, we ask you this :
Who are You Now?
What are your truths and priorities now?

How exactly are you in alignment with this in your everyday life?

What adjustments would bring you closer to this now?

What clarity do you wish to receive at this time?


We congratulate because you are exactly where you’re meant to be – to be asking these questions and providing yourself the space to receive them is most of the ‘battle’ that you give yourself. Your task now is to give yourself this time, regularly, on a regular basis so that you do not have to ‘melt down’ to receive it. Simply become aware that something is coming through you – that you are expanding and that you require some space to integrate, become clear about and receive the insights and wisdom that you require.

We gave you the vision and metaphor of the islands breaking away from each other and the seas become wider between you. This is what is happening for you – the old parts of you are drifting away now, and as you realise that you must let go now, you do have a sense of push/pull; of grabbing out and visiting that area “just one more time” before saying good bye for ever. This is both bitter sweet, is it not? For you are having a sense of nostalgia and attachment to who you were, and all the memories, the good times, the people you knew in that time and the pathway you were creating – all of which has brought you here now. So we do not say ‘let go’ without compassion for your current stance, in fact, we wish to tell you to have the nostalgia and love and bid those aspects farewell with due ceremony and adoration.

We have been telling you – whispering to you – nudging you – inviting you (!) to take more time in ceremony, every day if you can. For these are the speeds at which you are transforming.

Because you are in linear time – and often in a box, you can sometimes not gain the overview and perspective of your growth as we do, watching from other dimensions as you – beautiful buddles of light and heat – move around your dimensions. You are a beautiful sight to behold as you dance the growth and contraction, the spinning and thrusting outward. Indeed, this is how the Universe has become so bright and beautiful!!09-28-2019

We wish to ask you to expand your perspectives now – open your eyes and see yourself as we do, with great love and and the overview of evolution you are undergoing. AS you move between – bumping and brushing past others, you may feel as though these are encounters by chance or by chance-happen, but we want to share with you that every encounter you have – with each person, with every animal, bird and vehicle – with each argument or loving exchange and even with your own thoughts – these are clues and keys to how you are emerging now. PLEASE do not now critically consider how well or badly you are going! No, we are not telling you this to encourage some kind of competitive view of your day to day occurrences, but merely with to encourage you to seek the message in each of these encounters – in relation to the questions we posed at the beginning.

These are clues and keys for you to feel the elation, and to grasp, integrate and gather the great wisdoms and doorways of your next beautiful and bountiful chapter.

Amazing, isn’t it?

That all of this is occurring just for you!?

Empathically we say – this is not the time for giving up, or for critically assessing and making decisions from a disheartened space. This is a time for lifting your head, looking up to the sky and seeking the true vision you have for yourself and your passion. This is a time for listening deep within and seeing what emerges from beyond the troubles you have been focussing upon. Focussing upon troubles is not bad per say, nor is it going to take you into a dark place, but it does distract you from the flow of creation that is within you.

When you see there is pain, hurt and suffering, link yourself back to what you are experiencing and to the messages, the energy and the work that is flowing through you. And allow it to gain charge and momentum, by shifting your focus upon it. Get to creating, dear ones! You are not here on this planet to watch and shake your head and wonder and ponder about what will happen – in or out of your control – you are here to take the inspiration and link it with your pathway, and allow this emergence to sweep up your energy flow, taking you into a state of inspiration and purposefulness.

Yes, dear ones, we are often mentioning to you how worthwhile your purpose is here; how important and significant your particular flavour is; how integral and life-giving it is for you to be aware of this and to step into the down-stream flow of this.

So, now we have shifted you back onto your track – onto your personal pathway, but know that this is not a selfish or self-centred approach to take. Indeed, it is the most responsible and empowered choice you can make – at any time. Your particular facet of this diamond that is humanity and the unfolding journey of love in manifestation creates ripples of light and reflected embrace, providing a firm knowingness in the strength and inevitability of the great plan of love.

Do not be discouraged or dismayed dear ones, whatever your circumstances and whatever you’ve seen, or whatever you’ve heard. Fear not the projections of others onto you, nor their hurtful words or actions. Forgive, over and over. Let the fear be dissolved deeply into the loving arms of your beautiful Guides Mother Mary, Kuan Yin and Lakshmi and allow their energy to bring you back home. Allow yourself to have patience with your journey, finding again your voice, your courage, your strength and your power. Your commitment to working on your spiritual connection to your Higher Self, your deepest self, your greatest light and your broadest knowing will give you the clarity you seek.

Connect with us regularly dear one and you will see the great picture emerging, more and more, dimension into dimension, time after time, space between space.


The Pleiadian Sisters of Light

channeled through Naomi, 6 November 2016 9pm


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