4 tips to survive or transcend valentine hype

In the past, Valentine’s highlighted how lonely and excluded I felt. On the other end of the spectrum, I’ve been bitterly disappointed by the lack of  romance in my relationship…

Now the question I ask myself is how easily can I access authentic states of being loved, giving love and letting love into my life?
In darker times, I find it useful to ask myself, in what ways is love already in my life now?

We are so full of busy-ness, it can be difficult to remember to give loving gestures for yourself, or your beloved(s).  We are pulled in many directions in this modern society – to meet deadlines, pay bills, get fit and have a healthy spiritual life. Sometimes love, care or romance is forgotten.

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Here are some ways to survive and thrive through the Valentine’s trap …

1. Love yourself first*
When you love you, sincerely and irrevocably, internal peace prevails. This foundation of self-love gives you access to deeper states of appreciation, joy and relaxation. It’s easier for others to love you too. Loving yourself means *caring for yourself and giving yourself what you need.

Above all, deeply understand that we all require self-love, demonstrated in acceptance and compassion. It’s not selfish to care for your inner yearning, even if in small gestures. If on Valentine’s Day it happens to be symbolized as chocolates and roses, give yourself that. If it’s a nap in the middle of the day, give yourself that. If it’s the time to adorn yourself and feel magnificent, do that. If it’s to reignite your internal spirit, do it! Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.

2. Authentic love is precious **
…and yet is often the hardest kind to give. You know the one I mean – the vulnerable, open and deep kind of love that comes from a vulnerable, open and deep kind of place. It brings a full-hearted love to the table. It heals open wounds and plants your feet on the ground. It helps you forgive and gives you the power to move mountains. It can also cause a little embarrassment or discomfort if you’re not used to giving from this place.

The thing is, we’re not often taught how to be truly authentic. We’re taught how to please others, often through doing and saying what others want, sacrificing our own needs or buying or giving things. But the outrageous thing is, the opening-your-heart type love does not cost money, it requires being courageous. And is the most life changing.

** Tell someone you care about 3 things you really appreciate about them, or make a list of your own qualities that you deeply value.

3. Transcend the hype and get down to business***
We have all experience the obtrusive force of consumerism out there, whose main goal is to get you to buy. Sometimes it leads to buying kitsch gifts you wouldn’t normally buy and that someone wouldn’t normally like, except on Valentine’s Day.

If it doesn’t feel right, then give yourself permission to go deeper than the mainstream approach and be thoughtful and homemade. ***Try giving from the heart – from your own creativity. It could be words in a letter, a song, or a quote that inspired you. All it requires is that it is coming from the heart, rather than what the head would normally direct (insert standard chocolates, roses and lingerie stereotype or similar here!)

4.  Which love makes the world go round?****
What’s love got to do with it?

The constant and significant changes on our planet are causing a great outpouring of love, compassion and care. We see so much trauma and pain occurring for people, animals and our Earth. It inspires sincere care and surges of loving energy by much of humanity. We are inspired to pray, donate, get involved, rally and petition. We want change, we want to reach out to those who need it and we want to make a difference in the world. Loving intention seems to be greater than ever.

In many ways, we are letting go of many things that don’t serve us : valuing more authentic relationships and taking a quest for self-healing. Appreciation is widespread now for the simple things in life, for example the significance of relationships, friends and community or simply having food on the table.

As we evolve, we are creating an environment that is ripe for change and for a shift into even greater love. The veil seems thinner somehow and love expressed more passionately. So many people now meditate on peace, are active against coal seam gas and encouraging caring for our endangered animals. Whilst we’ve been more focused on rational thought or reason in the past, we’re now awakening the heart and giving more value to loving action.

The sacred feminine and masculine and kundalini rising are terms that are rising in our consciousness as we realise there is much more to relationships than existing side by side or wining and dining. We are now coming to realise that the spirit of life lives in each of us and deserves honour and care. Recognising and loving this within yourself is the beginning of a truly remarkable and authentic union with others.

Allow this day and this month and this time, to be a period of immersing yourself into this.
Ask yourself, am I ready to honour the spirit within me and that in another?****
Allow Valentine’s Day to be an extension of love in the highest order, beyond what any expectations may be, and gift yourself (and others if you wish ! ) the kind of love that you really need.

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Yours in love,

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