Did you pass through the 8:8:8 portal unscathed?

I am hearing from clients, colleagues and family that great openings have occured over this recent Lion’s Gate portal between 27th July and 12 August. If you made it through and had either a big release, or a big relief, or both, then you’re doing well to move with the galactic gateways.

If you look back to where you were in 2012, you’re probably shaking or nodding your head in amazement in all that has changed, shifted and accelerated in your life. It’s been an amazing ride, hasn’t it?

My life has changed immeasurably and I thank my Guides and the amazing tools of psychic sensitivity, intuition and channeling for bringing me here.

The acceleration and dynamic transformation is not about to let up … at all! We’re heading for another big “gear-up” beginning during the September Spring/Autumn Equinox and increasing for the next fortnight.

Now is a good time to be preparing yourself energetically. Such as starting to ingest more pure water, clean, organic and naturally grown foods, doing regular meditation and/or pranic breathing practices, stretching your body with yoga, spending more time listening to and breathing and moving in nature, releasing any obligations or interactions that leave you feeling drained or depressed and engaging in more conscious decisions in relation to your spiritual and work life, your meaningful relationships and the which activities you invest your energy into.

The best guidance I can share with you now is to align with your higher self and your soul as much as and as often as you can. Let your internal guidance system show you small steps in everyday to big shifts in your life. It’s time to ‘ascend’ into being aligned more than just Onemindlive Alignment Higher Selfsome of the time. Come into alignment as much as you possibly can. We are all being called to do it, to anchor, create and experience heaven here on this amazing, beautiful earth.

Namaste and so much love,

Naomi is a spiritual channel for One Mind Live. One Mind Live broadcasts unique meditations online, reconnecting people worldwide with their spiritual side and aligning with the Higher Self.


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