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We have the solar eclipse on March 8th and lunar eclipse on March 23rd. The equinox is on March 21st and so this month represents a cosmic ascension stargate, if you wiill.

As you may know and remember, there can be some bumpy rides during the eclipse season, but mostly it’s easiest to look at it as an opportunity for major ascension and a light injection into every day life. It’s like the plan of the Universe is for ever-unfolding light, realignment with clarity, becoming more attuned to who-you-are and bliss. Sometimes getting to the light and bliss part can be dark, confusing, destabilising and can feel down-right unfair because in these ‘upgrades’ we’re often stripped of the stuff that is not needed or not necessary for the next chapter.

My guides tell me that we’re being held on our soul’s “travelator” and are taking the expressway to our dream life. The life that we always wanted, the values we’ve always aimed for and the truth of our soul. Sometimes, it might seem like we’re stuck on the travelator, somehow locked into a path that is getting faster and faster and taking away our ego’s control however this travelator is exactly where we need to be to get where we need to go.

People around me and those who have come to me for sessions of channeling and clarity are being guided to let go, release attachment and surrender to the soul, rather than getting caught up on outer experiences and arrangements reaching completement. This might look like a relationship ending or its form changing, it might look like not getting that job you applied for or it might look like letting go of a judgement about yourself or somebody else. If you’re someone who’s been holding resentment or judgment about someone or something for months, then you’ll become more and more uncomfortable in this untruth. Notice where you feel this dischord in your body. The body will never lie. Judgments can be limiting, especially if you don’t know when to let go of them. They’ll keep you in mis-alignment and dischord until you reach a point of enlightened release. Of course this process can not be rushed, but if you’re ready to graduate from a judgment, critical view or unforgiveness, then pray. Be open to divine intervention to facilitate the movement of misalignment to grace. And I promise you, it will happen.

This is the gift of the eclipse season. It’s a line in the sand. A new beginning. A thrust of lightening – a shift in perspective and it will help you cut chords to an old way of being. Whatever is showing up in your everyday life experience, take stock, enquire within and be present with the changes that are trying to emerge for you. The more you are easy about change and the more you discover wisdom in your reflection, the more easily you shall find yourself in wholeness and joy again.

As we enter the equinox and the beginning of Spring and Autumn, we become aware of the changing seasons – the equal night and day, the movement into a new chapter of either going within and quieting or of new life and increased activity. Look to the blessing of where ever you are now, and be fully with the energy, rather than regretful of times past or projections of time to come. There is no harm in manifestation for the future, but remember that all physical manifestation is a result of a now moment. And being fully engaged, allowing and loving now brings the perfect manifestation of this in your future. Simply let down any resistence that is present and yield the wisdom. By this process, you give birth to the most great expression of the force of life through you.

In everyday experience, as you traverse this next transition, take as much time as you can to meditate, expand into your multi-dimensional self and embrace community. The more kindness, connection and gifts you can receive now, the more you are saying yes to the wonderful abundance of life on earth now.

With much love from me and my Guides, the Pleiadian Sisters of Light!

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