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  • Have you taken advantage of the auspicious September events?

Join us :
Friday 25th September    1015am (AEST)
Thursday 24th September    515pm (PST)
In response to this auspicious and dynamic month, we’ve decided to host a special event to help you adapt to and enter this powerful portal and gateway of ascension into higher levels of consciousness.

  • Have you had a particularly intense month?
  • Want to know how to maximise the Super Blood Moon Eclipse this weekend?
  • Or the great “Wave X” increasing our vibration and expanding our consciousness?

Join us for this free live event and meditation to bring you up to speed with what’s occurring for us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and to amplify the positive effect of this auspicious, momentous and powerful time.

Please click here to join us! We’ll turn up the mic’s at 1015am AEST (Aust) or 515pm PST (US) with a pre-session chat and begin at 11am or 6pm for the meditation and tapping with Naomi Nonu-Carling and Naomi Janzen. (If you haven’t tried tapping before, take it from me – it’s an amazing and dynamic healing modality that assists with dissolving unwanted energy and opening to the new).

our discussion will include these events and topics :

  •  Solar Eclipse : 12/13
  •  Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse : 27/28
  •  Wave X : peaking 28th
  •  Spring/Autumnal Equinox : 23
  •  International Day of Peace 24
  •  Ascension Symptoms
  •  Embodying the Higher Self

+ FREE LIVE guided meditation tomorrow with tapping and healing music at 432hz

I am so excited to share this special event with you, available live only. So please make sure you’re available for the hour and 15 minutes so that you can really enjoy the effects of the meditation.

We’re at a pivotal and exciting point of change and I’m backing you totally to be all that you’re destined to be.

With brightest love,

Naomi Nonu-Carling
channel, therapist, coach

P.S. Please share if you know someone who’s ready to take their spiritual expansion to the next level.

Here’s my youtube video telling you some of what to expect this month.


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