The Soul’s Way

a 3 day retreat September 7 – 9 2018, Kangaroo Valley
listen deeply – discover your truth – embody and manifest


three gorgeous days, four powerful teachers and Y O U
gift yourself everything you need to directly receive your soul’s gentle guidance

A powerhouse weekend of inner connection, sacred practice and manifesting with clarity and ceremony.
It’s time to be deeply moved and inspired to shed the old skin and spring confidently into your light

Session topics includes : The Soul’s Structure and Functioning, Hearing the Soul, The Soul and the Secrets of Manifestation, Your Soul’s Purity and Integrity, Healing Release Ceremony, The Soul’s True Voice

Day 1 • arrival from 1pm • Session 1 between 2–5pm • Dinner 6pm • evening seminar and ceremony with Naomi from 730–9pm
Day 2 • Session 2 between 9–12noon • Lunch 1230–2pm • Session 3 2–5pm • Dinner 6pm • evening seminar and ceremony with Naomi from 730–9pm
Day 3 • Session 4 between 9–12noon • Lunch and Departure from 12–2pm

full retreat

( incl accomm, food, seminars, ceremony )


(incl seminars, lunch and ceremony)

friday or sunday

(incl meal, seminar and ceremony)

About Us

Naomi Nonu-Carling – Founder

Naomi first began hearing the whispers of her soul as a child, telling her that she was here on earth to help people. She lost contact with these whispers for many years though through a series of life-changing events, has come full circle and through trusting her soul’s voice has launched her own international business, facilitated healing for hundreds of women and men and is an empowered solo parent to 2 dynamic daughters.

As a true aquarian, her plight has always been to understand why humans behave the way they do and what helps them to heal. Having studied psychology, psychotherapy, NLP coaching, hypnosis and multiple spiritual modalities, she has discovered that people essentially are healing from old programs of hiding, shame and fear and emerging into the glorious and pure-hearted beings that they truly are. With the right tools, a little encouragment and soulful support, each unique individual’s passion and purpose brings together the healing of the whole.

Naomi has facilitated retreats, healing workshops and coaching programs worldwide for the past 15 years. Her consistent passion for inner discovery, spiritual enquiry and indigenous cosmology inspires her to bring people together in sacred space for the transformaton they are guided to take.

The Soul’s Way retreat came as a download during a recent retreat of her own and has been strongly supported by these powerful women who present during the weekend : Christina Nielsen, Founder and Teacher of the Metavision Institute, Ganga Ashworth, singer and voice coach and Amanda Fisher, writer, kinesiologist and medicine woman.









3 Steps to Activating Your Soul’s Way

Connecting to the Soul is essential for activating your creativity, your manifestation powerhouse and discovering your true potential for fulfillment. Naomi shares with you the 3 most important steps for accessing your Soul’s guidance and why you might want to do that.


What past retreat attendees have said :

• SR •

“I was burnt out and in need of some relaxation. This retreat brought that plus so much more. I completely opened up. I feel empowered and confident that I will always be supported and confident to trust in myself. This retreat opened me up on a whole other level. I felt supportied and empowered to share my story and I was blown away by the wisdom from like-minded women.”

• Ingrid •

“I wanted to connect with my wisdom to help transition beyond menopause. I experienced overwhelming connection, inter-generational wisdom. I had tears of joy and freedom. I gave myself this retreat as an act of love and self-care, yet others thanked me for my contributions! Thank you Naomi for holding this space. Thank you also for remembering all our names, it was a genuine sign of your care for all of us as individuals within this amazing group.”

• Alice •

“Before attending, I felt lost and alone and needed help to find ME again. This retreat helped me discover more about myself and I loved reconnecting to all aspects of my spiritual life and letting go of fears holding me back. I felt uplifted, supported and very much part of a powerful circle. The weekend gave me a sense of remembering my inner strengths, teaching me how to access my intuitive abilities and reminding me I am strong.”


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An amazing course, Naomi holds such a beautiful, safe space to gently push ourselves out of our comfort zones and into new realms of possibility.

Opening to Channel Intensive, L.C.

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