• What if you could make a difference in the world by connecting to your personal power? 
  • Why your Soul needs to be a priority

It can be a hard thing to put concepts like ‘the soul’ into a definition, because they are multi-dimensional in nature, and sometimes words just aren’t enough! Marianne Williamson said the soul is at the centre of who we really are. Deepak Chopra says that the Soul is the eternal, an internal reference point with which you should always be in touch.

To me, the Soul represents the totality of our Greater Self, beyond all limitations, and yet it also existing and connected to us in a physical and earthly context. The Soul contains the information of each of our individual and unique life journey, all past journeys and all concurrent journeys. It contains the wisdom of our Being, our infinite nature and infinite power.

When we access the Soul, we are accessing the infinite and all powerful. It can pierce through any conditioning or judgment, and all fear and disconnection. This is an important time on our planet to be connecting to this internal essence. Because of the drama and circus and deep fear and pain coming to great crescendo on our planet, it’s important that we drop into the Soul and become really familiar with it. We are then able to access it when walking through each choice in each moment, in each day.

My guided meditation contribution to ONE MIND LIVE includes a monthly 10 minute MP3 download. This month’s was created from the collective Soul, reminding us to come back to our internal essence and to allow [re]connection to Mother Earth, who hosts us in this life. Once we are connected internally and to our amazing Planetary Being, we are in alignment with the great plan of Love and global transition that we are all witnessing.

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