We’re coming to the end of the year and the great celebration of Summer (here in Australia) and of Winter (in the northern hemisphere) is upon us. The peak of the season occurs at the solstice, when the themes and opportunity for growth is at its highest. 15171265_10157846306905531_3781151889047486528_n

Because Solstice is a significant time – the day of either the longest sunshine or longest nighttime and the peak of either summer or winter – an energetic portal is open to you. This portal is amplified by our galactic alignment, thrusting more light and amplification into our journey. And so, let’s celebrate the Solstice energy and mark it with an intention setting and a review!

The shift of consciousness continues, and I feel that many can now see into the transparency of this time – a complete lifting of the veil, where the illusions and untruths are revealed, as well as the beauty and wonder of Life. Many of us are feeling the undeniable truth that we must “clean up” our lives – to live more authentically, more in our own power and more in the awareness that we are One. The shift of unity consciousness means that we see the suffering in others, as a reflection of an aspect of ourselves that requires acknowledgment, honour and healing. We are also able to use these opportunities as an invitation to go deeper within ourselves, to see our true calling and to enjoy more sweetness in life. 

Here are my 5 suggestions for using this upcoming solstice most effectively for your spiritual expansion and for honouring Great Spirit:

1. Be aware of nature around you

Whether you’re inside or outside, consciously tune into Mother Earth below you, and the spirit of the air and the spirit of the trees or grass or plants surrounding you. All of life is supporting you right now. Share an intention to feel the Mother’s breath as you are sat there on her body or as you lie down at night. Just as we might lay upon a loved one, as a baby does on a mother’s chest, feel the security of being home, feel your love for her and her love returned to you. In this way, you are connecting deeply with the essence of her purpose – to provide for and support your life with love. And as you tune into gratitude for her and for this moment, you open up your capacity to receive all that she offers, and all that life offers you. You are safe. You are held. You are infinitely supported.

2. Connect with the vision of the next chapter

Now that you are connected to our Mother Earth, it’s a good time to send up a chord of light to connect with the great Central Sun. Every December there is an alignment with the Galactic Core Sun and our Earth, meaning that there is an intense light that is shone on us, facilitating the raising of consciousness and expansion of our perceived limitations and potential. Sending a chord of light to connect you with the great central sun, as an ongoing even daily practice, allows you to increase your frequency, expand your vision and strengthen your Light Body’s capacity to channel energy. This is a very exciting time, and as we allow ourselves to release and receive light, we evolve and expand. This practice will help you connect to the vision of your Spirit and to feel the strength of your abilities. 

3. Be open to and welcome change

Expect the unexpected, but remain true to your integrity. There is so much shuffling and shifting in our reality now. Both on a global scale, in communities and also within our own personal lives. It can be tempting to become unsettled and fearful in the face of so much change, however you have been through enough shifts and changes to know that all is perfectly as it should be. To remain grounded and unwavering, turn your attention inward and find your core, your essence, your highest values. This is not an egoic value, but a value of your heart. Whether your highest value is to remain loving or optimistic, or perhaps your highest value is to be kind and of service, you will find a quality that helps you remain in your truth. When we focus upon this, we allow fear to rest in presence rather than taking us over and sending us into chaotic and dramatic thought processes. Fears are not to be ignored, but rather to be held in awareness for loving exploration, rather than embodying them and becoming the fear itself.

4. Connect with people who are like-minded & open-hearted

You may or may not feel as though you are connected to such people. But now is a good time to stretch beyond your comfort zone and connect with them. Such gatherings that you may find uplifting are retreats based on mindfulness or awareness practices, circles for devotional song such as kirtan which is in Sanskrit language (one of the oldest language on the planet), sound healing events, circles to mark significant seasonal changes, groups for learning new modalities and yoga communities. Meeting new people not only gives you the opportunity to make friends, it also provides a wonderful opportunity to practice being who you really are. Without projections or stories of the past following you, you can be as bright and inspired as you wish, or be more authentic about being in a time of change. Sometimes old relationships keep us in a box, making us feel as though we’re that person who …. (e.g was divorced or left their job or put on weight etc etc – you can fill in the blank). Experiencing new connections where you can listen intently and be seen for who you are (beyond the old stories) is tremendously freeing and opens a new portal of possibility.

5. Have yourself a ceremony

Ceremony is a beautiful way to mark an event. For my ceremonies I always incorporate a process for cleansing, invoking the powers of the elements and doing a process that incorporates the essence of this time such as channeling, movement, meditation, offering to the altar, sharing of intentions and prayers, making a symbolic item. For us in the height of Summer, it’s a good opportunity to make a dedication to fire – creating a sun using orange flower petals, or using an orange as a candle holder, creating a mandala using pencils or an altar using candlelight and symbology of summer. If you’re in the depths of Winter, simply replace the sun and fire symbology with something that represents the winter elements – a time of being inward, of hibernation, comfort, reflection and rejuvenation. Give yourself permission to be as creative as you can. In this way, you’re giving your deeper aspects permission to come forward, in creativity and the aspects of ourselves that are often hidden away when there are rules or others’ standards to adhere to. If you’re nearby, come to the special event I’m hosting.

As our ancestors have done since the beginning of time, we honour the cycles and the seasons that remind us of the ever-changing flow of life that we are also part of. These ritual acts give life significance and meaning by honouring and acknowledging the unseen web of life that connects us all.

Blessed be beloveds!
We are in a hugely transformational time where both our wishes are being granted and we are being stripped of all that no longer is in alignment with our deepest truth. This is the path of the lightworker – the light walker and the light bringer. Thank you for your courage and commitment at this time, and for being divinely You.

In love,

Naomi Carling


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