Women’s Empowerment Tools – how to start deep self care

Do you need the space and time to reconnect?
Have you been pushed and pulled and now need to realign?
Perhaps you’ve neglected some much needed self-care to fill your cup?

With Abigail from Wellness in the Wilde, Wildes Meadow, we’ve co-created a beautiful immersion retreat, in the glorious setting of Fitzroy Falls rainforest with beautiful fires, nourishing foods, wonderous workshops and   s p a c e.


This retreat is :
* affordable and includes all meals, accommodation and activities
* a good chunk of time AWAY
* designed to provide a personal journey, to gain clarity of your needs, inspire confidence and self worth
* space to connect to your wisdom, sisterhood and mother earth
* for a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual reset


Now is your time to replenish, connect and realign with your inner wisdom, wellness and purpose. By being women in a driven and busy world, we can feel overwhelmed, overstimulated and overworked, without a clear sense of what our essence is, how to care for and nurture our body and energy system and most of all, to take action with purpose and confidence.

The rise of the wonderful woman is in full expression now, and together we raise the energy, raise our energy and retreat from the manic demands of our multi-tasking.

Be pampered with yoga, massage, meditation, reconnection with nature, releasing your voice, trusting your intuition, accessing clarity and answers, meeting womenfolk and be nourished on every level in this gorgeous setting.

You are free to take what you need or bury yourself in a book; whilst there are amazing workshops and activities on offer, all is optional and opportunity for you to follow your wisdom.

Special Guests include Amanda Fisher, Women’s Mysteries teacher and social enterprise mentor, Ganga Ashworth author, singer and voice coach, Kelly from Yoga Vidya studio in Wollongong and Naomi Nonu-Carling, Soul Coach and Spiritual Channel.

Optional workshops include : mindfulness meditation, indigenous women’s wisdom, nature activities, yoga, star gazing, dance, song, creativity and development of intuition and heart wisdom.

You can attend day sessions only, if being away overnight is too challenging.
Little Ones, especially teen daughters are welcome but please check in by phone or email to confirm.

TICKETS ARE LIMITED ensure you book in early to also receive the amazing earlybird discount.



Some of our contributors and facilitators :

see interview with Ganga here

see interview with Amanda here


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