the Psychic Supersenses

the Psychic Supersenses : how to release and manifest
lightworker toolkit essentials in a 1 day course event | 9-4pm saturday 19 november 2016 | Robertson

Do you ever feel blocked when it comes to living your spiritual purpose and trusting your abilities?
Are you sick of second guessing and want to get on with it already?
Do you feel limited in how much you could earn or blocked in the various practicalities of ‘doing spiritual work’?
Let Naomi open your perception of your “supersense” abilties and the results of ‘living in alignment’. The Earth needs you stepping into your power more than ever, so take a deep breath, open your heart and step into your light!
* Discover and deepen your psychic abilities for practical use
* Release heavy energies (hucha) holding you back
* Manifest your intentions with clarity and precision
* Learn the essentials of ceremony
* Receive messages and readings
Everyone is welcome – this is Practice and Guidance group
– Come as you are, with where you’re at –
This day seminar will give you a safe and sacred place to practice, but most importantly, it will give you the tools, tricks and tips to ensure you are always supported in your work and able to feel happily committed to your service and your spiritual purpose.
Be prepared for another magical day, after which you will not be the same.
TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE forward payment and registration form. Email or phone 0411 323 755 for more info.
Flexible Payment Options

The Psychic Supersenses – how to release and manifest
is the next step to living more fully on purpose, completely supported and in your spiritual sovereignty.
what others have said :
This course allowed me to trust my inner knowing and trust that my divine guidance is no accident. This is great for anyone who wants to connect with themselves and their guides, and attend in a very loving, non-judgmental environment. – JR
I am clearer! This course helped me open to greater connection to love and light. – BM
I have stepped up, trusting that I am more than a body. This course gave connection not only to each other, but to guides and angels. Those who are there for our highest good. -TC
I love connecting with Naomi’s beautiful energy. Just to spend a day in her space is a blessing and a spiritual awakening. – Kym
I felt increased clairvoyance and was lovingly supported in the day – Shel
Thankyou! An amazing day with a like-minded group. Great feedback and support. I felt very held and validated which has lead to a deeper trust. – Suzana
I had forgotten who I am, where I have been and where I am heading. Thank you Naomi, I am back on my path. – Aly
My energy feels lifted. It reminds me of the importance of an open heart – Tina
I feel inspired, energised and excited – Ann
I am so empowered .Thank you for your blessings – L.O.
Now I feel empowered, open, connected with the courage to ‘stay the course’ and keep flying. – B.L.
[This course] created a feeling of peace and great connection to the Source. I thank Naomi for her learning. – B.D.
What a beautiful course – I feel honoured, blissful, powerful and open and beautiful held and supported. – A
Naomi is amazing at helping people find their connection. I would highly recommend Naomi’s workshops for anybody searching and seeking. – K.S.
I feel a sense of relief, trust and comfort that my beliefs and abilities are real and should be trusted. – Brad
I feel more empowered and a tiny bit less frightened. – Marian
I feel great, total trust in my intuition and journey. – Mark
I feel amazing after the drumming session. Very inspiring. Thank you Beautiful, you have a gorgeous energy. – Renae
Places are limited. Please register your interest by sending an email. Let’s talk!


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