Transformation Mentoring with Naomi


6 month personal program



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– Have you wanted to grow spiritually, but not quite sure where to start?
– Do you have a knowing you were put here on Earth for an important purpose but lack confidence, power and how to get started?
– Are you seeking more depth, connection and purpose?
– Do you have a heart-based business that just isn’t reflecting abundance, passion and/or get up?

Have you felt that you are here on earth for healing, inspiring change and uplifting others, but there’s little momentum or direction? Allow Naomi to assist you to find your alignment and powerfully reactivate your innate knowing, insight and wisdom to take new inspired steps for your amazing next chapter!

Awaken new levels of your spiritual connection by letting go of emotional limitations and energetic toxins that have been holding you back from shining your most authentic and empowered self. This is the time for anchoring spirit into your unique and purposeful human life.

Naomi assists you to easily clarify, activate and live your authentic truth. In this empowered space, you discover how to easily manifest abundance, opportunity and your soul’s highest dream. In this mentoring program, you let go of fear and egoic distractions and learn to heal a fragmented connection to your Soul.

Discover deep personal peace, unbridled joy and gain practical how-to insights to live your authentic life.

One on one coaching with Naomi includes :
– 7 online or in-person consultation sessions over 6 months
– unlimited text and email consultation
– individually tailored practical support for spiritual growth, spiritual business and/or spiritual practices
– individually tailored worksheets and programs including processes for Naomi’s own “how to do accurate and healing readings”, “opening to channel” mentoring, “channeling sound”, creating your own teaching program outlines, spiritual business guidance, website assistance, content creation and acknowledging your value
– clarity on your unique purpose and spiritual gifts
– practical exercises for spiritual growth and ascension techqniues
– all online sessions are videoed and sent to you

Each session is tailored to each individual need and no two programs are the same.
Weekly email checkins with Naomi reviewing the week past and setting a prayer or intention for the upcoming week are required.
If you’re unable to make a session, at least 24 hours notice is required to reschedule. Please check your time zone as session scheduling is made in Sydney time.


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