Channeled Reading with Naomi




A channeled reading assists you to connect directly with your spirit guides, your angelic supports and the guidance that you most need to hear right now.

Naomi has provided this service to hundreds of clients all over the world via Skype, in person and in her workhsops and retreats.
Whether online or in person, you can expect :
– answers to your burning questions
– direct contact with your spiritual guides
– an experience of validation of what your intuition has been telling you
– specific and accurate details on the next steps that you need to take
– take-home guidelines for processing the new information you’ve been provided
– insight into your life purpose, your relationship queries, any concerning circumstances, upcoming events and areas that require healing and release

Naomi can also provide remote or in person healing using pranic healing modalities, sound healing, clairvoyancy and shamanic tools.


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