I’m sure you’re not surprised to hear it’s not all roses!

But there are upsides to being pregnant.

My journey of pregnancy has provided many lessons. Perhaps even more so this second time around. I will outline just a handful here that are also relevant to anyone in this highly potent and sensitive month of September :

1. surrender to the wisdom of the body
Pregnancy amplifies the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual lessons we would normally always be experiencing. And this lesson of surrendering to the body is relevant to all of us who are in a body, and who belong to the body or community of Gaia. Your body is your greatest ally and gives you messages all the time. A pulled muscle, butterflies, ecstacy, eczema and even a headache have important messages that give us insight. Do you make time to listen? In pregnancy, I’ve become aware that it’s not just my body anymore – there’s another body inside of mine that I want to serve and give the best start to life. And so, I listen to my nutritional needs communicated by my cravings, I listen to my movement needs indicated by soreness, I listen to my heart’s needs to receive the gentle touch from baby’s father and the raspberry kisses from baby’s big sister, even when my mind is tired and I want to be left alone. Love is the highest pathway and the body wants to communicate this. I have learned more and more to surrender to the guidance of my body, knowing that it is a loving guidance and a benevolent surge of wisdom and life. Fortunately I am feeling fit and capable, baby is healthy and I am sleeping easily.

2. strip back any burdens or energetic leaks
This has been such a strong lesson. The relationships in my life have become more clearly visible in terms of whether they are based on an egoic need and codependency, or whether it is a relationship that consciously allows and encourages me to be my best self. When consciously and unconsciously creating a Being in the body – whether it’s a baby or whether it’s a new life opportunity – it’s important to focus the energy. If you’re leaking energy unconsciously, you’ll feel resentful, let down and/or angry towards others. You may also feel obliged or pressured to fulfill a role or complete tasks for someone who you’re attached to in an unhealthy way. It’s important to speak up and not to do anything from the energy of resentment. Simply state that you’re unable to fulfill that request at that time for whatever the truthful reason is – e.g. I’m too tired, I have too much on that day, I am pulling back from tasks this week and nurturing myself etc. You may even wish to clearly state to someone that you no longer wish to do this activity or that your circumstances have changed and you’re no longer able to do that or be that person for them. If it is difficult to detach from this obligation, or negative dynamic, do some investigative work and understand what part of you is benefiting from this exchange. Lastly, do an energy clearing through meditation and ceremony to draw back your energy to yourself and own your inner authority again. You may find that you have a renewed perception and that your relationship transforms in a positive, more mutually loving way as a result.

3. take time to do nothing
And when I say nothing, I actually mean only do those things that you want to do even if they are not necessarily ‘productive’. This could be sitting in the sun and watching the birds, it could mean sitting in appreciation of your child / partner / pet / sunset / breath. It could mean doing the washing with more presence and at a slower pace, it could be meditating, reading or sleeping. If we continuously put our energy ‘out there’ we have none to create from ‘in here’. We miss the peace and stillness that is always within. Moreover, in busy-ness we take our focus from the most fertile place of growth, creativity and love – internally – in favour for the feedback we receive externally. This is inadvertently giving our power away. Some of my most fulfilling and blissful days have been the ones where I have ‘done nothing’.

4. own it : i am sovereign
This is a term that is gaining more and more use in the recent evolution of consciousness and for many it means recognition of the Supreme Being within themselves, i.e. recognising one’s total spiritual autonomy and unconditional entitlement to self-determination. No longer are we quietly submissive to the subtle and obvious expectations placed upon us. We question and think outside the box now. The consequences of owning your sovereignty are deep and quite radical in comparison to the old conscious paradigm of being under the rule of the Kind or Queen or under the rule of the State Government or even under the strong influence of a parent, teacher or other authority. In truth, we are all sovereign whether we’re aware of it or not. There is so much to be written on this topic for it’s implications are rather political, but for me in a spiritual sense, being pregnant at this particular time of our conscious evolution I have become aware that I don’t need to submit to any authority about my birthing choices, my spiritual practices and the preferences I have for my lifestyle (such as preferring fresh, flouride-free water, fruits and vegetables without packaging, natural fabrics and linen, minimalising my negative environmental impact etc). I am super grateful to have the freedom to do this in such an active way. I am free to prioritise my connection with spirit, to invite, invoke and receive the insight and blessings from our intergalactic community, the great mother Earth herself and all the myriad of benevolent multi-dimensional helpers on hand. It is freeing, heart-expanding and ultimately empowering to exit the matrix of manipulation, fear and control and see through a new portal of reality. I hope that you’re also feeling this autonomy, freedom and sovereignty in your being.

If you or someone you know is pregnant and interested in connecting with their baby in utero or in spirit, then they may enjoy this creation I channeled when I was pregnant in 2013.
I speak more about pregnancy and spirituality and my guided meditation ‘Baby Contact’ in this video below …

I’d love to hear your spiritual realisations of this time, or even what you learned through your or someone you know’s pregnancy.

Offered with much love as always,



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