Ever feel that way?
Overwhelmed by all you’ve got to do, by all that you’d like to do but can’t, by the state of the planet, by the demands on your energy and time, by your commitments and duties?auric-clearing-auric-attachments

This is the time to breathe and let go.
My Guides tell me that overwhelm is a natural state of being as we evolve, as our vibrations increase and as we’re able to conceive and process more information than ever before. We are expanding as well, and often the stimulation within our cells and our frequency bubbles (aura) produces a state of anxiety, excitement and overwhelm.

They tell me it’s a good indication that I’m growing and expanding, never still or stagnant. And the best way to handle this is to remember my daily practices. I’ve listed some of the ones I’ve been focusing upon here :

5 Ways I Overcome Overwhelm ::
1 BREATHE – breathe in the best air you can, wherever you are and also as soon to waking as you can. Rid the lungs of the stale air of sleep and go outside and take 3 big, deep breaths. The long, deliberate kind of breaths. And visualise that new prana ( aka energy, chi etc ) entering your nose/mouth, throat and lungs and filtering into your blood and being pumped around your body. Taste the air as it comes in. Consume this air as if it were the most precious practice. The most uplifting and enlightening practice of the day. This is a breathing meditation. I absolutely LOVE this practice. I live in the highlands where the tree prana is abundant. I can’t help but give thanks to the trees for providing this pristine air. I feel like they sway in the breeze to give me a ‘cheers, thanks for noticing’ wave.

2 Remember the mantra THERE IS NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT THAN BEING HERE NOW – This mantra is not only a beautiful and soothing reminder ;; it’s also true. The more we can be in the moment, the more we can respond with the highest possible guidance and highest possible energy flowing through us. This means that even if we’re in the heat of an argument say, we can’t help but be reminded that the content of the argument can wait whilst you remember to be in the present moment. It’s a most profound practice – that allows even the most dramatic of situations to wait whilst you immerse yourself indulgently in the present moment. Instant ease and calm can ensue if you allow yourself to be in the moment. If you try this and it doesn’t seem to pull you out of your drama, try and try again. Intend to go deeper. Intend to connect with the relief that it provides. And you will arrive. I find it helped me enormously during an argument with my partner this weekend. It instantly provides perspective and I’m able to yield to loving responses once more.

3 ASK – what needs my attention right now? And do it, fully and with your devoted attention. This is not only practical, but it’s a spiritual response too. There is no point thinking about everything that needs to be done over the next couple of hours/weeks/months ( unless you’re writing a list perhaps ) , you’re much more in service to a higher truth when you’re addressing the present need and doing it with your full, devoted attention. As a mother and business woman, I’m constantly feeling torn between what needs to be done for the family and household and what’s needed from me for my courses, clients, expos, online community. I use this #3 point “Ask” as my go-to response every day. No need to continuously being overwhelmed by my long list of what needs to be done, I simply Ask, and do what is needed in this moment. I feel like this is me surrendering to the wisdom of the Universe “all is perfect in each moment”. And dealing with the multiple demands I have at any one time with this surrendered approach, I get everything done that I need to do. ( and if I don’t get to it – it wasn’t needed! )

4 DELEGATE – there is someone who loves you who wants to help you. Right now. I promise! Angels in the form of friends and family ( and sometimes strangers too ) love you and want to help you. They want to lessen your load ; lessen your stress ; lessen the overwhelm. This is because the love of the Universe has to find a way to flow through to you and demonstrate it’s unwavering, unconditional support of you becoming all that you’re meant to become. Say YES to the Universe’s love and support and say YES to those who love you by asking them to help you out. Even if it’s help in the form of listening to the overwhelming place your find yourself, or  responding to your plea for help cleaning out the garage or help designing a new logo or help to carry things from the car to your workplace – there is someone who wants to help. It’s amazing what a difference it can make to know that you’re not alone and there’s someone who actually wants to help you! It always amazes me how much my emotional load is lifted when I share my overwhelming feelings with someone else; and then when they inevitably say “How can I help you?”, it always makes me melt. (and sometimes weep!)

5 LET IT GO – It’s so important to let it go. Sometimes the sense of busy-ness and overwhelming demands of life seem to be fashionable – like everyone’s vying to convince eachother that they’re in high demand, and very important, and perhaps this is because we have some deep-seated conditioning that busy = successful. But you’re not going to be sucked into that myth, right?! Well, you’d be forgiven if you were or still are. Heck, even I stop myself to ask “Why am I making out I’m more busy than I need to be?”. At the end of the day, it’s likely that there’s something(s) that you can let go of and that isn’t really a big priority right now. Think of what those things are, and do yourself the greatest service by letting it go. When I let something go, I feel a sense of relief, which is always a very good sign that either I didn’t really want to do it in the first place, or that it’s not in alignment with my deepest truth. Letting go never felt so good.

Please see course OPENING TO CHANNEL (next one June 20116)  if you’re interested in getting more clarity or gaining a deeper commitment to your spirit and soul purpose. This is a time for us all to be walking the talk and building a strong and deep connection with our Higher Self and Spiritual Guides.

With love and devotion,

Naomi Nonu-Carling
therapist, coach, channel


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