When I first began psychic development, my biggest hurdle was TRUST. I wasn’t sure whether I was just making things up, whether I was using my third eye right, or whether my client see right through me and call me a fraud. I was so concerned about doing it right, I was sometimes overcome with fear and couldn’t get anything in my readings.

Once I learnt that Practice was what I most needed, I got involved in a group that I could use to gain confidence and trust in my abilities. Using particular tools and techniques and applying more care to my lifestyle all helped to clarify my clairvoyance, my clairsentience and all psychic faculties. I’m now using my intuition in every area of my life and no longer need to see a psychic for help! – Naomi Nonu-Carling

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If you’re ready to stop second guessing your intution
and discover how to trust your gut instinct on everything
– from life decisions, to receiving insight and spiritual guidance
plus delivering clear and confident psychic messages for others,
then register now, in this one-off special day event with Naomi.

Do you want to really connect with your Spiritual Guidance Team for direction and answers?
Do you have intuitive flashes but want to trust it for real?
Are you ready to step up into your spiritual purpose using your psychic abilities and your spirit guides?

This one-day workshop gives you techniques, tools and practice to discover and develop your intuitive abilities in a safe, grounded and uplifting environment. Naomi has 13 years experience in leading groups to connect with spiritual guides, the angelic realms, anchoring trust in psychic abilities and discovering how to access multi-dimensional tools and gifts.

If you have ever felt like your flashes of inspiration are too fleeting, or your intuitive guidance is random and questionable, you’re not alone. Before aquiring the tools, processes and environment to practice, Naomi questioned her intuitive guidance, even though her relationship with the ‘unseen realms’ began when she was just a young child. Naomi ‘switched off’ these abilities during stressful events in childhood but was amazed when her clairvoyance returned during an out of body experience and the death of her own father.

In our current metaphysical and parapsychology, we have access to more and more evidence that there is more to our existence than simply the physical plane, however without our own personal experiences, it can be difficult to truly trust intuitive guidance or take inspired action.

Practice, practice, practice is what will bring you closer to your intuitive powers. Enjoy a beautifully guided day of expansive and validating experiences that will leave you with no doubt of your spiritual gifts and abilities. Everybody has access to these, and with your own unique intentions, you will enjoy the transformational joy of spiritual awareness.

when : Saturday 27th August 2016, 9am – 4pm
where : Robertson NSW (location provided on booking)
exchange : EARLYBIRD $195 (before Aug 13th), REGULAR $220 (after Aug 13th)
to book : email info@naomicarling.com for registration form & payment (phone with questions 0411 323 755)
please bring : your questions, journal, voice recorder, crystal or offering for the altar, candle in glass, layered clothing, tarot cards of your choice

What to expect : guided meditations, psychic development processes, channeled messages, channeled sound bath, transformative insights

Places are limited, so if you feel drawn to attend, please book as soon as you can.

Here is what other’s have said about Naomi’s recent workshops :
This course was so eye-opening! I never thought I’d be able to connect with my guides so easily, that it would be so profound. Amazing. – B.C. Robertson 2016

Loving, friendly and fun environment to explore and connect to spirit. – M.R. Robertson 2016

Do it! It is amazing. It taught me to trust my guidance and intuition. – L.B. Robertson 2016

An amazing course, Naomi holds such a beautiful, safe space to gently push ourselves out of our comfort zones and into new realms of possibility. – L.C. Robertson 2016

I feel great, so happy and have learnt a lot about myself. This course opens you up and brings you to yourself. – M.N. Robertson 2016

This course opened me to channel, gave me faith in my abilities and was an important part of my spiritual journey. Thanks so much. Much love, – T.B. Robertson 2016

My motivation to attend the workshop was to learn to trust spirit, and to open up all my channels. I will now trust what I am being shown. I am feeling great, looking forward to using the skills we have learnt this wonderful weekend … Thank you for holding a loving, sacred, spiritual space! What a wonderful group we had. Love always, – L.L. Robertson 2016

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time at the work shop the other weekend. I believe in many ways it was a life changer for me. – J.S. Robertson 2016


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