Forget playing small …spiritual-awareness1

Just for a moment.
Imagine who you would be if you had the wherewith-all – exactly what you need – the right support – the right timing – the right opportunities – the right courage – the right belief – the right flow – the right alignment – the right vision – the right action.

Imagine it all there for you now. Right there in your beautiful, ripe, receptive hands.
In your swollen, expansive heart.
In your wide-open, glistening eyes.

This is the time!

We’re in an unprecedented time dear friends. It is now or never.


This advice comes from the depths of my heart, but also from the highest of the heavenly messengers that it’s time to walk a different way, it’s time to dream differently – with more belief, trust and faith. Stand for what you truly believe and allow the dreaming to flow through you. Dreaming is a concept that encourages us to be open, empty vessels for being and doing and expressing Divinity through us. No longer holding back the divine flow of energy and/or inspiration for fear of being ‘too much’, being ‘intimidated’, being ‘too lost’ or not knowing what/how/when/with whom to be this true self.

I know you’ve been busy. I know you’ve been distracted. I know you’ve had a lot to deal with lately. I know you’re low on energy and totally stretched. I know you’re tired and sometimes frankly, just can’t be bothered.

But it’s super important right now, during this potent new moon, during this influx of new energy and a thrust from the central sun to step up, to expose your heart, to let go of the false limitations we hold onto. And it starts with dreaming big. Connect with your Higher Self if you’re unsure. Go deep and don’t put it off any longer!
The New Moon is a time for planting new seeds, for manifesting and for dreaming.
The Equinox is a time of between-states. Equal night and equal day. New Dawn and new beginning. It’s a time of switching. As we come more fully into the essence of spring, we’re brushing off the sleep time of winter and stretching. It’s a time of stepping more into the light and of seeing our true potential and shinning essence. We’ll soon be in the Summertime, the time for being fully in the light, exposed and playful in the sun. Do what you can now to ensure you immerse yourself fully into the light.

As I write this important message from my Guides, I know that it is also speaking strongly to me. There are so many reasons we tell ourselves not to begin, or to put it off, or to lessen the pressure of life or to disconnect from the overwhelm. But now, more than ever, it’s important to not let go of dreaming but to let go of the limitations we’ve placed on our ability to dream. Dreaming is free, it doesn’t take a lot of time, it doesn’t have to be done a certain way and it certainly doesn’t mean we shirk our responsibilities. Dreaming is a natural part of every day living, and essential to bringing new realities into being. Whilst we’re plugged into the program of ‘busy-ness’ we’ll never be able to bring our true potential into living and into the light.

If you need some time or some help to come back home and to expand your vision, this next course “Developing Your Spiritual Awareness” is timed to be your perfect opportunity, in a nurturing, beautiful location with processes and new tools to take you deeper and higher into your dreaming and into true alignment with who you are. All whilst you expend and step into your spiritual gifts.

Saturday 1 October 9-4pm
Robertson Hotel, NSW
expect : guided processes for expanding your spiritual gifts, meet your Higher Self, gain practical how-to move forward steps, channeled messages and sound healing, sacred ceremony for psychic connecting and clearing space, how-to receive messages, practicing your spiritual gifts, amazing open-hearted people and much more…
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I’m so excited about this opportunity for me to step into a greater dimensional state and to guide you there.
Let’s all step up and into the role of who we are and why we’re here.

Let’s be the future Ancients, who are prepaving the way for the mind-blowing, sacred new earth.

With love,



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