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Access Naomi’s meditations through, the world’s #1 online guided mediation group. Here, weekly journeys are delivered live to a worldwide group live and on replay for your own personal meditation class. It’s fun, it’s uplifting and most importantly, it gives you a regular practice that will cleanse your energy, your chakras, open your heart and heal away any old attachments.

Members have said:

Thank you. Great energy buzzing around my body. I feel like I have been feasted at a banquet for souls. Got some clear nice, if infrequent and short flashs, of imagery that place in my mind. – Philip Colbert
This was a delightful meditation experience. Thank you for sharing. I would love to do this several times a week!

– Ann Oxyer

thank you! I saw a bright light when activating third eye. It was exhilarating! – Sara B
Very enjoyable, I love your voice! It feels so nurturing, so soothing! – Terry W
This is incredible! I felt my energy field grow and the light come in and then I was gone. thank you! <3

– James Lawrence

This has got to be the most love filled blissful meditation I’ve experienced to date. Woah I feel like just sharing such a divine beautiful experience with all.

– Jess

That was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. I don’t know what happened, but as if in anticipation for the connecting to the Earth Mother, I started to cry. Then when it started asking me to connect I just wept silently with my eyes closed, it was like nothing I’ve ever felt.

– Matt Chase

I am so grateful for your ability to take care of each and every area of sensation to masterfully compile this amazing meditation. Words seem mediocre to explain the vibrational experience that you have provided.
Thank you for following your calling to bring this to us all.
You are a masterpiece!

– Kelly Husted

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