In my upcoming course, I’m offering the next chapter of your spiritual awakening – the alignment with higher self.
Some of us have become so accustomed to listening to other’s opinions and advice that we have forgotten our connection to our most valued and true source – our Higher Self.

– Do you suffer with not listening to your self?
– Do you wish you had absolute clarity of your path and which next steps to take – no matter how small they seem?
– Do you ever feel not good enough, or confused about or out of sync with the Universe?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it may be time to access your birth-right : your infinite source of wisdom, clarity and highest joy!

1 What is your Higher Self?
The higher self is the god-self or goddess-self; the part of you that is multi-dimensional, infinitely wise, connected and whole. The Higher Self is like the overarching spirit that you are, throughout all of your lifetimes, it cares for you, loves you, trusts in you implicitly and trusts in the beautiful and sweet plan of your life. It informs and guides you, protects and unconditionally loves you. Because your Higher Self is you – without the personality or egoic filters, and without any limitations of time or space – you always have connection with it. Even though you may have at times forgotten about your access to this infinite wise aspect of your self, it never ceases to be.

2 How can I contact my Higher Self?
The easiest way is through meditation, and intention. You can access your Higher Self’s guidance or wisdom immediately wherever you are, whenever you wish and it will always respond without delay. However the biggest challenge many have is trusting in this connection and building a familiar connection. Journalling, asking psychic/mediums, shamanic journeying and prayer are other common ways to make contact your Higher Self.

3 What can my Higher Self assist with?
Everything! It’s most common to access the Higher Self when feeling confused or lost or when you’re seeking answers about an important situation. I first consulted my Higher Self to understand what my Life Purpose is and what steps I needed to take. I was overwhelmed and confused and needed some light shone on my path. Accessing my Higher Self through a guided meditation made the connection simple and clear and my life journey began to shift immediately.

4 What does my Higher Self look like?
Meeting your Higher Self is a valuable exercise and you can do this through guided meditation, prayer or through dream state. You may find your Higher Self has many faces or appearances, that they look like a particular story character or person you admire. You may find they present as an archetype or image of an angelic being. Your Higher Self can appear differently at different junctions of your life, adapting to the needs you have at each junction. Be aware that your connection with your Higher Self can be metaphoric and their appearance has meaning for you.

5 How do I become more like my Higher Self in this dimension?
The integration of your Higher Self can be seen as a conscious evolutionary process. We are all evolving and becoming more refined in who we are and aligned with our Higher Selves. We are conscious beings striving to become more loving and more conscious. The way this unfolds is by becoming more aligned with our values, our true purpose here on this planet, and through making conscious contact with our highest potential. By becoming more aligned with your Higher Self, you will also become more aligned with your God/Goddess self, including more influence on manifestation in your life, loving and honouring relationships and fulfillment of your sacred contract on Earth. (Humanistic Psychologist Abraham Maslow labeled the fulfillment of purpose in life as ‘Self-Actualisation’. Perhaps aligning with the Higher Self can be an extension of this theory, that through seeking the highest possible potential for your soul here in this lifetime and striving to align with this authentically in every aspect of your life, you are truly actualising your self.)
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