Are you sensitive the energy of those around you?
Are you going through a major life change?
Do you need more clarity, support and guidance?

These are indeed transformational times and you will notice your ego has a strong and convincing voice. These egoic thoughts can come through as judgments, attack thoughts towards yourself or others, criticisms and comparing yourself or others. It’s a dangerous and strong cycle that although it seems convincing, is always simply one way of seeing things.

A Course in Miracles teaches us that we each invent the world we see through our own perception. Having this understanding helps us to take power over these choices and to peer into the false perceptions we hold.

You might like to ask yourself in these moments

– where did this thought originate?
– how can I see love instead?
– am I ready to choose to be happy?
– am I ready to forgive myself for these false projections?

This internal enquiry and practice helps you to regain your power and realign yourself with your true essence of love.

Other ways to help yourself during a great shift or internal transformation is to:
– Spend time in nature : the natural prana emitted from the trees, mountains, water etc cleanses your energy field and allows you to renew or reset your emotions and feelings. You can find you’ll gain a whole new perspective.
– Take some comfort : ensure you’re feeding yourself well, highly nutritious foods, talk to a dear and trusted friend, rest (sleep provides a wonderful break from harming thoughts) and do something nice for yourself (such as a meditation, taking a bath, doing some stretching, breathing deeply, singing, gardening etc).
– Meditation : a guided meditation is great for resetting and renewing your energy. We have many over at One Mind Live that you can listen to, or by looking on my youtube page. Do one that will help you to cleanse your chakras and energy field.
– Ask for Guidance : whether through receiving a reading or doing one yourself, or simply by quieting your mind, you can call your Guides forward to assist in helping with any current symptoms or thoughts you currently have. Other means include runes, using a pendulum, opening a spiritual book to any page and reading the message etc.
– Receive a Healing : there are many practitioners who do Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Cranial-Sacral Therapy, Pranic Healing, Massage, Acupuncture etc who can assist to shift your energy, tell you where you may be blocked and give you some guidance as to what next steps you need to take.
– Journal : All healing begins with self-love, self-expression and acting on your inner guidance. Journalling is an excellent way to open your heart and receive your innermost feelings, thoughts and guidance. Just let your pen flow. After you express some of the fears, or blocks, you will find answers spontaneously revealing themselves to you. I journal nearly every day!cafe journal

– A combination of any of the above!

These are just suggestions if you’re experiencing some challenging times and feel that you need some help. These are enormously dynamic times that we exist in now. The great Shift of Consciousness was always going to be a time of turbulence as we change our whole view of the world, eachother and ourselves. Because we are all intertwined with eachother’s energy fields and because subtle energies are now not-so-subtle, we can feel lost and ungrounded. There is much suffering on Earth and the old paradigm of separation is still strongly conditioned in some of us and in the messages from the systems around us. The many challenges we are undergoing now are all directing us home – inside. To recognise the God/Goddess within us, to recognise the imbalance and ability to re-balance ourselves. We topple ‘off path’ to experience the joy of re-discovering our path, our true self, our inner spring of Love.

Above all, through these processes, ensure you’re loving and forgiving yourself. The ability to love and forgive yourself will deeply enhance your perception of life, the love in your relationships and the success of your sharing your gifts.

Offered with brightest love,



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