Becoming our authentic selves is a process of a lifetime, heck, many lifetimes!

Many of us have been working at all kinds of ‘ascension techniques’ to better assimilate, clear and upgrade our energy to align with the greatest and truest expression of God/Goddess through our human experience. But what is the purpose of it all? How can we keep our head above water when overwhelmed with the ‘work’.

In a land of mystery and wonder, on this great earth, we encounter multiple opportunities to become disconnected. Even the process of coming into this world through our mother’s body can be traumatic! Many of us continue to experience trauma through childhood, adolescence, adulthood and the many thresholds of initiation and maturity. Trauma provides an opportunity to metaphorically pull ourselves back like an elastic band away from Source love, and then propelling ourselves headfirst, speedily into its bosom again.

It appears as though the trauma itself, knocks us out of our body, disconnects us from the many layers of harmony and equilibrium, making us store negative experiences in a loop of energy within and outside our body. We can take on negative traits and behaviours from others and pass these on to our progeny, loved ones and colleagues. This energy emanates out and ripples into the relationships, circumstances and interactions of every day life. We may repeatedly attract similar dynamics of victim and tyrant or patterns of unworthiness or unforgiveness. The initial effort it takes to clear a pattern or bring light to a shadow aspect can be enormous and perhaps the last resort after decades of disappointment and heartache.

The changes that are unfolding since the leadup to 2012, this procession of the equinoxes and eclipses and the intense energetic shifts of our astrological environment into a new area of the galaxy, are propelling us forward (or reflecting our internal changes – which comes first?!) to let down our illusions and our guard. To surrender to the flow of life and love, rather than the incessant egoic compulsions of the “little mind” to win, prove wrong and thrive. This is a truly magnificent, exciting and unparalleled journey of discovery occurring right now, that we are witness to and an intricate part of. This journey requires us to be steadfast and loose, certain and unattached, strong and soft all at once. The evolution into this Being is one of alchemy ; of going through the fire.

If you are going through the fire, experience it deeply and fully, and with an appreciation that it is for good reason – to let go of all that is no longer true. Purge and release with the passion of life. The greater part of you – the part that is your soul, a part of God/Goddess, a part of the infinite force of love creating itself – welcomes this transformation. Just as the diamond is created by great pressure and force, so are you squeezing yourself through the portal to discover your light.

The new light of the eclipse is showing us that we are to be treasured and loved, nurtured and contained, celebrated and liberated from all shackles of fear and limitation. In every way that you possibly can, honour and allow your development and evolution. When you need rest, rest deeply and fully and emerge replenished and anew. When you need nourishment, listen to what you need and provide this entirely, above and beyond as if you were serving the most treasured and loving Queen or King you can imagine. This is a time for deep appreciation and deep release. If you need change, take action.  horus

Finally, if you’re going through a funk, especially with those old patterns or beliefs that seem to resist all change, seek help. Transform into the free, bright and confident Being that you are. Move into the pathway of your purpose, let go of self-sabotaging and step with power into practices that bring you home to yourself. First and foremost, this is an important approach, especially when we need a ‘first-aid’ fix.

I like to use my spiritual gifts, like channeling, drumming with my medicine drum, doing a reading, consulting with a healer or getting some energy work done on my body. The body requires care just like the spirit, as of course the body is an extension of the spirit. Just as important is your environment. Let go of anything that needs to be recycled, given away or sold. Move the dust, the cobwebs and anything blocking doorways, windows and entrances. I love to use burning of sacred sage and / or myrrh, frankincense or sacred oils to cleanse the energy of the room. If you are sensitive, you will the effects straight away, and in a profound way.

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Naomi is a clear channel, soul coach and psychotherapist. With a background in psychology, child protection and counseling she is compassionate and supportive of all conditions, with the no-nonsense approach to lead you back to your centre.


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