Did you know today’s another great #8 day?

17 / 08 / 2015 = 8 : 8 : 8

And this is a great opportunity to reflect on your relationship to time.

* Do you ever feel like you’re a slave to the clock?
* Or that you’re fencing yourself in with a routine that’s neither fun or necessary?

tasmaniaOML4We have free will in regards to time and as long as we can let go of left-brained control and surrender to the highest alignment within this moment, we may find that there are other options to have fun or enjoyment now.

We are in a period of the ascension or awakening process that is allowing us to (re)discover our sovereignty and reign over all aspects of our existence. Furthermore, we are being led into a new reality that is liberated from ‘the matrix’ that has been set for us. I’m talking about the the consensus reality that we must obey time, wear a watch and stick to a routine of productivity and achievement. We’ve been conditioned to follow this way of being, however we are now discovering that there’s much more to us than productivity for others’ benefit.

Time is a significant concept that we can loosen and that will shift our whole reality and honour internal power.

So, as you finish reading this now, discover how you can bend time; how you can be creative and receptive in this moment, to the great Wonder that you are, and to existence as it is.

Get out there and watch the sunset, connect with the galaxy, wash your feet in the waves or simply take a moment to read your favourite book. Afterall, it’s new moon Monday and a fabulous day to start new ways of being.

Namaste and great love from me to you!!



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