22042016Before I began channeling I was in a career that was burning me out, single and lonely and lacking confidence in myself and my abilities. Some of the things that consumed my thoughts were my weight, food and smoking. I was addicted and in a cycle of self-torture. Looking back, I can see I was lost and looking to outside sources for inner fulfilment and happiness. And whilst I was able to find it temporarily, it was never a full, soul-ful happiness.

Channeling changed my life. It gave me connection to my Higher Self and highest, loving guides. The information I channeled enabled me to change the direction of my career and to open my heart to love in the most profound way. Since ‘coming out’ as a highly sensitive person, a psychic and a spiritual teacher, I’ve created a worldwide business, a beautiful family with my beloved and I live my passion everyday with amazing, inspiring people. My guidance has enabled me to make more self-honouring choices for my health and wellbeing – and amazingly, I’ve managed to lose weight (and keep it off) and let go of all of my addictions. It blows me away how significantly my life has shifted. And I credit the discipline, tools and development of my spiritual connection for enabling my transformation.

If you feel drawn to develop your intuition and to trust your amazing spiritual gifts, this course may be exactly what you’re looking for. <3

In my experience, channeling is an amazing tool that can catapult any spiritual practice into a whole new level of receiving guidance, healing, spiritual expansion and creative inspiration.

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Here’s what people said about last year’s intensive :

The course blew everything out of the water for me. If you have ANY interest in channeling or connecting deeply to your Higher Self – this course is a MUST.                               – Jason, April 2016

This course was so eye-opening! I never thought I’d be able to connect with my guides so easily, that it would be so profound. Amazing.                                           – Birgit, April 2016

WOW!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do in creating a beautiful safe space to allow us the opportunity to raise our vibration & connect to spirit with your support, encouragement & loving energy. The weekend was perfect & much more than I expected, you really did knock my socks off on Sunday ( it was a huge awakening for me) I will never forget it..You & Virginie really complement each other, not just in your commitment to us but to spirit as well, which is so inspiring for me. I feel profoundly changed & more dedicated than ever to follow my life purpose                                                 – Michele, April 2016

An amazing course, Naomi holds such a beautiful, safe space to gently push ourselves out of our comfort zones and into new realms of possibility.                                        – Louise, April 2016

My story …

I first discovered channeling during a ‘dark night of the soul’, back in 2009 when I lived in London. I was in a hopeless state : addicted to sugar, lonely, isolated and travelling hours in the dark to and from London on the tube everyday. I was crying intermittently at work and on my way home, not sure where my life was headed and feeling stuck. I didn’t know what to do and so I prayed deeply for help. I was so deeply in a state of desperation, I knelt on my knees, put my head on the floor and cried my prayers out to the Universe. “If anyone could hear me, if anyone was there, please help me now”, was my plea.

And the Guides appeared.

I felt tingles throughout my crown and body, and had a knowingness that I was connecting to something bigger than my own small mind. The guidance came through clear and strong : I was to start meditating again. I went to youtube and found a meditation for clearing my chakras. It was a mind-blowing experience and I felt the reality of my shift in energy, as though my whole reality had shifted. I had to know who was this person facilitating such transformation? As I followed the rabbit down the rabbit hole on the internet, I discovered that the channel of this meditation was Solara An-Ra. She was clear, strong and confident and I felt an affinity immediately.

Imagine my delight when I discovered she lived in London and was hosting a channeling weekend the very next day! There was only one spot left and I just knew it was for me.

This workshop was a significant turning point for me.

I was given the tools and processes for opening to channel and my life took a different course. I was able to access direct and clear guidance on what steps to take to fulfill my soul’s purpose. Even if I didn’t feel full of confidence and I was lost in my own busy monkey-mind, I found channeling took me out of my thought vortex and clarity easily ensued.

So strong was my connection and passion, that I began serving others as a channel, offering readings for free to my friends on facebook. It followed naturally to become a healer and teacher.

I look back and see how effortlessly and easily the guidance that came through channeling changed the course of my life. There is enormous freedom in having this tool at my beck and call and again and again, the guidance opens more and more opportunities and possibilities to me and others.
light being too
Do you feel called to experience this for yourself?
Deepen your spiritual practice and enjoy the amazing physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of channeling.

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