Coaching and Counseling Packages

Are you ready for a change of career?

Do you need change to live more in alignment with who you are and your passion and your earthly purpose?

Is there something that you know you need to start doing but can’t quite get going?

If you’re ready to make a big leap in your spiritual, emotional, physical and mental growth, you may benefit enormously by having a mentor and coach to support and witness your growth.

All great leaders and change-makers have mentors and support people who have their back, hold their corner and cheer on even when challenges arise. Naomi has coached hundreds internationally through Skype and in person and continues to have her own mentoring sessions with trusted coaches, spiritual teachers and therapists. Naomi is committed to personal and spiritual growth because it is through this growth that we continue to awaken and inspire others to continue their awakening journey.

Naomi always knew her life purpose was to help people, but working for a government organisation and for others in authority, she discovered she had to fit in a box, rather then let her intuition and spiritual gifts inform her. Before having support, Naomi felt like she was spinning her wheels and unable to get traction on stepping out in her own business. She had built her life around her professional identity and income as a Child Protection case worker but desperately wanted to be of service in a more authentic way, and honouring her real passion: honouring and developing the sacred conversation within us all.

Build upon your spiritual awareness and life strategies and live your greatest potential in a dynamic and changing world. Planet Earth, humanity and the environment needs change-makers, warriors and queens and kinds to step up and live authentically and courageously, bringing their gifts forward for positive and unifying growth.

Naomi’s professional and spiritual mentoring includes developing your spiritual intuition, EFT and NLP techniques for removing blocks and limiting beliefs, psychotherapeutic techniques to encourage and heal, sound and messages channeled from your Guidance team delivered in a flexible and intuitive process of transformation.

Naomi specialises in supporting changemakers who want to set up soul business and deliver and uplift through their spiritual tools and vision. Make the leap now with the support of your Guides, your Angels and practical, applicable processes for success.

Your mentoring journey with Naomi begins with an assessment session where you can achieve a clear vision for your highest path and a plan for moving forward. The sessions are planned at intervals and at times that are mutually convenient and delivered via skype, email, recordings and shared worksheets.

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