My Guides continuously remind us that we must look after our energy: cleanse and clear the old ways and identities, and release the temptation to be drawn into drama and fear. We are ready to look into, love and release old ways we have felt the need to protect ourselves so that we can be free to love and be loved. (If you would like help with this, book a session with me!) Ultimately, we are the Creators of our reality, and so looking after our internal world enables us to engage with the external world fearlessly and with more direction and clarity to ultimately create the life we want! The way to do this is to understand alignment. To be aligned, it’s important that your heart is clear and open and that you take time to understand how you are feeling. Make choices from this place and decide to only do those activities that feel right to you. If you do not feel right about it, take steps to bring ease and flow once more. You do not need to distance yourself from your inner alignment or shut your feelings off to please others. When you decide to be authentic and speak up about your truth (you can invoke Archangel Michael if you have difficulty with this) you will find doors opening and possibilities you never imagined delighting you at every turn. Click here for my 3 Tips for Aligning with your Passion. You can click below to see my latest channeled message for what to expect in 2015.

Channeling messages has been an endless source of inspiration and confirmation for me to keep following my heart and I have been delighted with many new connections and opportunities that have unfolded as a result. This is my heart’s work! I follow my guidance : I am looking after my health and well being, ensuring to ingest more healthfully, move my body in nature and to look after my energy exchanges in every day life. I mindfully give from the heart (rather than the head), and am clear on my boundaries. I prioritise and recharge my energy more frequently and mindfully with meditation and spending time outdoors. If your guidance has been nudging you to do any of the above or something else, please follow. And please rest when you need to. We can ‘push through’ no longer as this dissipates and compromises our energy and integrity.

We are being asked to be full and wholeheartedly committed to the flow and wisdom of LOVE and importantly : self-love. The heart is the place to make decisions from, the place to heal and release and to receive and bless inspiration and direction.

Above all, please know that who you are and your purpose here is completely, undeniably and unconditionally supported. In all ways, and at all times. If you feel disconnected from this truth, take some time to tune back in or use this recently released meditation I channeled at One Mind Live.


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