Pleiadian Sisters of LightThere are many of us Lightworkers keeping the faith and continuing action toward a harmonious and loving Earth, but it can be so discouraging to still see the systems of government and major corporations still creating war, disempowerment and control. Whilst we can experience the 5 dimension and even higher through particular communities here already, WHEN WILL WE SEE THE NEW EARTH infiltrating the systems of control here on Earth?”


“The next shift for all of humanity is facing the darkness with courage and compassion. As the hearts are opening and unconditional love makes its way into every heart and soul of humanity, the veil lifts to reveal that you too, are worthy of unconditional self-As you begin to understand and accept your shadows, they begin the healing and undoing from centuries within the human DNA, and this flows on to all of the structures of your culture and society too. You see, the rejection of shadow allows it to continue. (And this allows the conflict and war to continue on your Planet). As Healers and Teachers you know this and this truth and higher consciousness is being revealed more widely into the hearts and minds of Powerful human courage emerges through the transformation of individual inner healing. This then empowers choice. Action and change then follow. And thus a New Humans, with their open, activated and full heart are now beginning to express their dissatisfaction without shame or fear, and discussion continues until healing, new perspectives and solutions are reached. Previously humans have been too discouraged, too overwhelmed and too hurt to move beyond acknowledgment and complaining of current situations, keeping them stuck.

And so, you see now, this year there is a great shift where the old spells of resisting the inner, ancestral and collective pains will shift and the reshaping of humanity, culture and lifestyle begins.

You can expect the “rubber to hit the road” metaphorically speaking, from 2016 until 2021 when the next great chapter begins.

As it is now, more and more of humanity are seeking spiritual awakening and connection and this quest will always lead the focus inward. Healing first begins internally before it spreads externally.

Encourage your fellow man to be not afraid to look within, for now the cosmic energies hold you all more fully than ever before in your history, so that your earnest willingness allows swift healing and release. Hold your brothers and sisters as they discover and see their fears, so that they are able to see through them to the greater purpose and highest love.

If you feel uncomfortable dear ones, in a particular relationship, job, addiction, routine or behaviour, look within and find the cause of discomfort and determine whether this

1. you can change,

2. you can change your mind and heart about

3. need to love and release

And then do it.  Be it.

So many of you take yourselves deep into the mind, lost in your own stories and thoughts, without making the choice or distinction about whether this is a situation that is ready to change or shift. It’s important that you turn your boats downstream, whilst loving fully that which is unhealed in yourself. Each circumstance only exists for your evolution. It is never good or bad in truth. It simply is at it is. And so accept it; love it and allow it to instigate the growth you need before letting it go.

Only then is the Highest Good fulfilled.

You are a Child of God; you are pure life force, in a Creator’s vessel. Do and Be in alignment with your Highest Truth and let this be your greatest guidance.

As always, we love you.”

The Pleiadian Sisters of Light.

Naomi has been channeling these and many other Spiritual Guides since 2005. She offers 1:1 channeled messages via skype or email. Simply email Naomi for more information or book on her Book Session tab.


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