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    Learm the simple yet sacred process of channeling, and join with experienced channels and healers Naomi and Virginie to more deeply learn, trust and discover your abilities in this beautiful weekend intensive.

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During this weekend, you will receive messages and healing as well as learn the basic steps to channeling.

Channeling is a simple, yet dynamic and ancient process of allowing highest guidance to flow through you from your Higher Self, spirit guides, angelic beings, ascended masters, beloved ancestors and any loving guides who are supporting you. This 2 day retreat takes you gently through the profound journey of becoming an active channel in a loving, safe and grounded environment.

Your messages are healing for yourself and others, can give you confidence to engage your soul purpose, offer understanding for your relationships & experience your own quantum shift.

A nourishing spiritual intensive for gently deepening your intuitive gifts and increasing your trust and connection to spirit and your self. Open and strengthen your throat & third eye chakras for channeling gain confidence & understand your spiritual purpose and intuitive gifts learn more about your self and how to merge your spiritual gifts to receive specific, channeled guidance for yourself and others.

BOOK NOW by emailing for registration form and payment details.

meditate – dial in your Guides,
cleanse and open your channels ceremony – for opening the portal, anchoring with our great Gaia and raising vibration
practice – using tools & processes for healing with sound, writing & spoken channeling
develop – your healing and channeling practice to serve yourself and others
receive – messages and healing through the weekend demonstrations


The course blew everything out of the water for me. If you have ANY interest in channeling or connecting deeply to your Higher Self – this course is a MUST. – Jason, April 2016

A loving, friendly and fun environment to explore and connect to spirit. – Michel

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time at the work shop the other weekend. I believe in many ways it was a life changer for me. Producing my videos and speaking in public will never be the same again. All my videos will come from a deeper part within.Here is my first video that I have put up in which I channeled my guides before speaking. it flowed out of me – and unlike my other videos where there has always been massive amounts of editing, this video was only cut once! – Jason

Thank you so much for the experience.It was great to be apart of the group of wonderful and talented people that attended your channeling class. – Marina

WOW!!! Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do in creating a beautiful safe space to allow us the opportunity to raise our vibration & connect to spirit with your support, encouragement & loving energy. The weekend was perfect & much more than I expected, you really did knock my socks off on Sunday ( it was a huge awakening for me) I will never forget it. You & Virginie really complement each other, not just in your commitment to us but to spirit as well, which is so inspiring for me. I feel profoundly changed & more dedicated than ever to follow my life purpose – Michele, April 2016

ABOUT Naomi Carling:
BA, BSci Psyc, Adv Dip Psychotherapy, Dip AHC, NLP Master, AITMA psychotherapist, heart


Happy the pooch, Virginie and Naomi after April’s intensive “Opening to Channel”

-centred business coach and spiritual teacher, Naomi’s professional experience spans over 13 years, serving hundreds of clients internationally with counseling, spiritual coaching, psychic readings and channeled messages. She has experienced profound spiritual initiations in Australia, England, Egypt, Israel, New Zealand and Thailand.
Naomi assists clients to develop professionally, spiritually and emotionally with her retreats, courses and meditations. Naomi is currently a channel for providing ascension tools and guiding spiritual seekers all over the world in live meditation every week.

BOOK NOW by emailing for registration form and payment details.


ABOUT Virginie Esprit:
BA HRM, Angelic Reiki® Master, Crystal Dreaming Practitioner, Adv. ThetaHealerTM. Virginie is a 7th generation Usui Reiki Master and meditation teacher. She runs regular meditation and spiritual development classes in Wollongong and has initiated over 300 students into the world of energy healing. As an experienced Energy Healer, Virginie specialises in ‘Implant Removal’, ‘Grid Alignments’, ‘Entity Release’ & ‘Cellular Memory Release’.

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