When my heart is broken …

Greeting Dear Ones, Thank you for calling upon our support and guidance this day. When your heart is broken and you seek to find clarity and forgiveness, answers and gratitude, it can be difficult to move beyond the stories of…

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integration of your higher self

In my upcoming course, I'm offering the next chapter of your spiritual awakening - the alignment with higher self. Some of us have become so accustomed to listening to other's opinions and advice that we have forgotten our connection to…

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How I became a Channel

Before I began channeling I was in a career that was burning me out, single and lonely and lacking confidence in myself and my abilities. Some of the things that consumed my thoughts were my weight, food and smoking. I…

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Ever feel that way? Overwhelmed by all you've got to do, by all that you'd like to do but can't, by the state of the planet, by the demands on your energy and time, by your commitments and duties? This…

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