Reading, Coaching, Psychotherapy, Channeled Message with Naomi

Receive your reading with Naomi online (via skype or google+ hangout), by phone or in person in Robertson. Readings are for 60 – 90 minutes.

Typically, a reading will give you an insight into your Life Purpose, the purpose of any significant relationships and/or particular places or practices that have significance for you and your spiritual growth. Naomi will also give you specific guidance from your Guides and Angels.

Her schedule limits how many of these she can offer in a month, so be sure to make your appointment as early as possible. Gift certificates are also available for your loved ones.

Contact Naomi today to schedule your reading, coaching, psychotherapy or channeled session or simply click one of the buttons below to book your session. Every effort is made to honour your selected time; however, in the rare occurrence that your time cannot be honoured, you will be contacted with 3 options so that a mutually convenient arrangement is made. We hope you understand.

Naomi Carling

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