How to Support Yourself during a Spiritual Shift

Are you sensitive the energy of those around you?
Are you going through a major life change?
Do you need more clarity, support and guidance?

These are indeed transformational times and you will notice your ego has a strong and convincing voice. These egoic thoughts can come through as judgments, attack thoughts towards yourself or others, criticisms and comparing yourself or others. It’s a dangerous and strong cycle that although it seems convincing, is always simply one way of seeing things.

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Channeled Message: 28 February 2015

Pleiadian Sisters of LightThere are many of us Lightworkers keeping the faith and continuing action toward a harmonious and loving Earth, but it can be so discouraging to still see the systems of government and major corporations still creating war, disempowerment and control. Whilst we can experience the 5 dimension and even higher through particular communities here already, WHEN WILL WE SEE THE NEW EARTH infiltrating the systems of control here on Earth?”

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Are you ready for MARCH?

How to get ready for significant shifts, initiation into more self-love and aligning with your Highest Guidance

Be ready for the super new moon (on March 20th – a powerhouse for manifesting), and the Autumn Equinox (or Spring if you’re in Northern Hemisphere) on 21 / 22 March as well as a total Solar eclipse, allowing us to do some deep releasing and stepping into our full light this month. This is a huge month of opportunity and shifting for us all. Get ready for juicy, rich opportunities, gooey love connections and exhilarated wellbeing.

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5 Confessions of a Psychic and Therapist

What we won’t always tell you…

I’ve thought thrice about writing this article, but it feels great to share more authentically what it’s really like as a ‘psychic’. I’ve never really liked this term and don’t actually consider myself a psychic but this is the most commonly understood term for what it is to be ‘super sensitive’.

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Channeled Message for 2014

My Guides continuously remind us that we must look after our energy: cleanse and clear the old ways and identities, and release the temptation to be drawn into drama and fear. We are ready to look into, love and release old ways we have felt the need to protect ourselves so that we can be free to love and be loved. (If you would like help with this, book a session with me!) Ultimately, we are the Creators of our reality, and so looking after our internal world enables us to engage with the external world fearlessly and with more direction and clarity to ultimately create the life we want! The way to do this is to understand alignment.

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