With the storms and unusual weather, the astrological grand cross, the conscious shift to authenticity and the increase in sensitivity, it’s no wonder there are great changes afoot.
It’s heralded as being a time of magical manifestation, of experiencing movement and freeing out of the old stories we’ve been held captive within. It is the time for experiencing our true selves! And isn’t that a relief.

Are you feeling challenged at this time?
For many of my clients and within my own experience, one of the themes that continues to arise is the increasing sensitivity we feel. Sometimes we feel depleted or wiped out by the busy-ness of our lives, the energies of others and the overwhelming demands to be productive in the world.

In the quiet of a moment of presence, you may see more layers of the unseen world revealing itself to you through intuitive feelings, changes in your vision, a knowing of spiritual presence with you, tingles on your skin or the chakras of your body. I’ve noticed that the multi-dimensional realities seem more prominent, with spiritual beings more easily felt and messages louder and clearer. It’s so exciting that the efforts of psychic development and meditation put in over the years enable even deeper clarity now.

Sensitivity is a blessing! And one of the major symptoms of the expansion of consciousness. Our ability to see, feel, hear, know and sense is becoming more and more acute and for good reason. We are being given insights and subtle awareness so that we can more acutely navigate our way through the multiple dimensions within which we exist. We are spiritual beings in physical bodies with a multitude of desires (our own and everyone else’s) streaming through the energy fields. Some are strong and have a life force of powerful thrust that can take us along with it like a torrent and some are less forceful, and we feel free to let it pass us by. We expose ourselves to a range of energy fields and streams of will constantly – by interacting with friends, family, media and community. It’s a way of life, and yet my guides tell me that there are none so diverse in the cosmos as here on Earth. We coexist with such a variety of different beings of different practices and philosophies. Sometimes it can be difficult to find our own voice.

These are times for finding our own voice – of becoming even more aware of which of our stories and beliefs are not actually ours. It is a time for releasing the sense of obligation and enmeshment, and calling our energy back to ourselves. Many of us have learnt ways of giving our lifeforce away, of becoming drained and unstable to please others or go along with decisions that don’t feel good. Whilst it’s not something to be worried about or fearful of, it’s wonderful to use discernment and our feelings to help us become clear on where our boundaries are and when we’re willing to consciously step over them.

Our sensitivity is our gift for navigating the multiple demands on our energy and re-aligning with what’s important to us during this life. Through listening to and honouring our feelings and inner vision, we are becoming more aligned with our soul’s truth, each of our earthly purposes and our greatest internal power.

I have been honouring my feelings on many fronts as I fine-tune my intentions and purpose. As I come to challenges, I discover how I have given my power away and what untrue beliefs are beneath my motivations.

Here are my 5 tips for honouring your feelings for becoming more aligned with your highest purpose :
1. Take time to listen and honour your feelings. Instead of barging through your feelings, acknowledge them and if there are any self-judgments or shame or desire to sweep it under the carpet, pay attention to that.

2. Have to courage to look into your fears, even though sometimes it feels too scary or overwhelming. If you need a helping hand or kind ear to do this, seek the right support for you. You’ll be glad that you did! In fact, any fear of not being good enough, feeling ashamed or being an unkind person will be dissolved if you do. Only good can come by going through this clearing process.

3. Hold the intention to embrace all parts of yourself, even the parts that seem difficult or unlovable. There is nothing so bad that you can’t look at it with curious and patient eyes. Perhaps your partner or a colleague accuses you of something negative that you want to instantly reject. By looking into this, you may free yourself from a deep-seated wound perhaps planted in childhood, adolescence or in a traumatic relationship of the past that you never knew you were holding onto. In my experience, this is what most often occurs, however you may also discover that you simply do not like to be accused of something you’re not. In which case, inner enquiry will help to reduce the charge behind your reaction and will free you from resentment or a grudge. Allow yourself the freedom to discover whatever charge is beneath your defensive reaction. This are wonderful cues for healing and emotional freedom!

4. Take time to identify what essential issues for humankind or the planet are really important to you – that you would like to be involved in. This could be something as general as healing trauma or helping bring beauty to gardens or being a whistleblower for important issues. Don’t worry about the HOW for now, just allow these feelings to arise. They will always be there, so you may as well listen now! 😉  Perhaps you feel passionate about better conditions for animals in the pound. Give yourself space to list these or journal these or discuss with someone you know of in the industry. Notice your feelings as you do. Do you feel inspired, empowered and encouraged? Or do you feel confused and overwhelmed?  This gives you the opportunity to expand and/or refine your knowledge and interest in an area.

5. Embrace self-nurturing practices. Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 days, bringing your attention to your intention  to nourish and listen to yourself will be a practice of self-honour. Too often we dismiss our own feelings and our own wellbeing. By allowing even 5 minutes of inner focus, or body awareness or breathing practice brings space to your inner world, and facilitates the journey of self- actualisation (of becoming more of yourself and giving yourself space in the world).

  • How do you honour and align with yourself?
  • How often to you take the time to honour yourself?
  • What kind of changes has honouring your self brought in your life?

I’d LOVE to hear your comments!

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