How to get ready for significant shifts, initiation into more self-love and aligning with your Highest Guidance

Be ready for the super new moon (on March 20th – a powerhouse for manifesting), and the Autumn Equinox (or Spring if you’re in Northern Hemisphere) on 21 / 22 March as well as a total Solar eclipse, allowing us to do some deep releasing and stepping into our full light this month. This is a huge month of opportunity and shifting for us all. Get ready for juicy, rich opportunities, gooey love connections and exhilarated wellbeing.

To make the most of it, take some steps to continue a meditation practice and sacred space for receiving your inner guidance and supporting your internal and spiritual growth. (The Circle of Psychic event below can help). Eat well and have early nights. The intensity will continue throughout this year and that there is lots more change to come! These are exciting times and if you’re ready, great spiritual insights and expansion are available to you. You will likely require some processes and experiences to help mark the growth (like gathering with like-minded friends in ceremony, drumming circles, having a healing or reading session or attending sacred practices). This means more clarity and direction in your earthly life, more abundance and of course deeper love. And on that note, ensure you express your love to all you can at this time. Keep your loved ones close and communicate freely and openly without shame. These relationships are just about to get deeper 🙂 For those who are seeking new relationships, the great news is that authentic love is on offer. Breathe into your heart at every opportunity and follow your heart’s inspiration in your communication.

I love you!


Naomi Carling


ps. What are your ‘favourite’ solar flare symptoms? Mine are fatigue and anxiety! Certainly not ‘favourite’ but very prominent 🙂

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