Have you ever been disappointed in the absense of dreams manifest? In other’s actions? In yourself? In the state of society and the planet?

We’ve been growing at a rapid rate, these last few years haven’t we? auric-clearing-auric-attachments

If you look back to 2012, the acceleration season seemed to be just beginning. We were considering the big changes ahead, not really sure how it would happen, but busily dreaming up new realities for ourselves, humanity and the planet. Now we are well and truly speeding at a rapid rate, and our higher selves are nudging us to surrender, change and choose again.

And even though we’ve been growing at a speedy rate, and letting go, we will always have desire within us. It is the propelling motion of creation, nudging us to create, create, create again. Disappointment, even though it feels negative, can be an indication that it’s time to let something go – an idea, an expectation, an attachment or a dream.

I’ve been working with these concepts – letting go, building boundaries and making requests. I’ve noticed that when asking for what we truly want, it can bring up many blocks and inhibitions. Am I allowed to ask? Are they going to giving it to me? Am I worth it? Have I earnt it? are just some of the many questions our ego asks.
It can be hard to make requests of ourselves and others, particularly if you’ve ever heard the phrases

       – “just take what you’ve been given”
       – “don’t ask for so much”
       – “just be grateful for what you’ve got”
       – “stop asking!”
       – “what are you going to do for me?”
       – “why should I?”

The guidance that flowed to me in response to some struggles I had during big, recent changes is that we must ask for what we want. This is the ultimate standing in our worth and standing in the truth of us all.

By standing unwaveringly in the truth that we are all One, that we deserve to give and receive love endlessly and limitlessly, enables all of humanity to graduate into this Being. We must walk this path with grace for others to be inspired to step into their birthright. We are stepping up, all of us.

This is another aspect to becoming more authentically ourselves and aligned with our highest self.

Where are you putting your needs last?
In which aspects of your life are you deeply wanting acknowledgment and honouring?

Give yourself this now.

With brightest love,

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