Angel Contact

flower, venus, merkabahAlways Available to Help You

Access Naomi’s services for making contact with your own personal Angels for clear, accurate connection; however you are also able to connect with your Angels yourself! Everyone is born with at least 2 angels, but most commonly, hundreds more than this. Those who request angelic assistance will gradually become more and more aware of their presence and draw even more Angels to their side.

As mentioned above, the easiest way to connect with your Angels is to simply say aloud or in your mind “Angels, I need your help now” and they will respond instantly. You may recognise their presence by a change in the atmosphere, tingles on your skin, a shift of energy within your body, a knowingness that they are there and even sparks of light or visual apparitions of Angels. Some even report hearing their name spoken aloud. They are non-discriminatory so you never have to worry that you are not worthy or enlightened enough to receive their loving support and guidance.

You may also like to try this invocation that I use when I host groups or during one-on-one sessions:

I align myself with the Highest Guidance now.

I ask for my Angels to draw very near and support me to receive the highest guidance possible for my highest good.

Angels, I am ready to receive your guidance now.

Please help me with… [state your situation or request here]

Now is a good time to listen and receive.

It is a good idea to meditate before you say your invocation so that you can quiet the mind and listen with your internal knowing, your clear seeing, your heart sensing and your internal hearing. This process uses your psychic senses that are able to receive and interpret frequencies from multiple dimensions beyond the denser third dimensions of earthly life. For more practice and information on this tool and other more advanced tools, click onto my online and in-person courses.


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