ABOUT Naomi Carling BA, BSci Psyc, Adv Dip Psychotherapy, Dip AHC, NLP Master, AI™

A psychotherapist, heart-centred business coach and spiritual teacher, Naomi’s professional experience spans over 10 years, serving hundreds of clients internationally with counseling, spiritual healing, psychic readings and channeled messages.

Her youtube channel has over 20K followers and her Angel Contact meditation has reached nearly 3 million people. Her channeled meditations have invited worldwide opportunities, contributing to broadcasts such as One Mind Live, online radio and live events.

Naomi has used her powerful tools to achieve creative freedom, to establish an international business and to overcome personal trauma. Her qualifications include a science degree in psychology, holistic psychotherapy, NLP and pranic healing.

Profound spiritual initiations in Australia, England, Egypt, Israel, New Zealand and Thailand have contributed to the expansion of Naomi’s work and homage to indigenous tribes. Naomi assists clients to develop professionally, spiritually and emotionally with her retreats, courses and meditations.





What can you expect from a session with me?

At confirmation of your booking you might like to consider what questions you’d like answered or which areas you’d like to focus upon. I will always begin the reading by invoking your and my Guides to draw very near and assist me in delivering the reading.

Why would you have a psychic, Angel or channeled reading from me?

People like to receive readings when they’re seeking clarity, guidance, direction or are at a junction or confused by a current situation. It can help bring clarity in any area of your life – your career or purpose, your love life, past life memories, dreams, family life and even global issues. There are no limits to the guidance that can come through as your guides and angels are beyond all limitations of the physical realms and yet can provide accurate and practical guidance applicable to all areas of our earthly life.

Are readings by skype or email as accurate as in person?

Yes! In fact I find providing readings this way is even more accurate. Doing readings this way allows me to focus primarily on being a clear channel and the accuracy of the messages, rather than the chatting and physical arrangement of the room and receiving client physically.

Here is what some clients have to say :

Thank you so much Naomi and sisters of light. There has so much changed since the reading. Not outside, but within me. So my heard goes dancing and finally starting to really feel. Thank you so much. love and light Mona – Germany 2014

Channeling with Naomi was a brand new experience for me. I was excited and a little nervous in the uncertainty of what to expect. The entire experience was so grounding, humbling and an absolute pleasure. It reminded me that I am a spiritual being in a physical body, having a life – full of potential experiences. I left feeling so much more connected to myself and to all other people who live on this planet. The more human beings can remember our connection to each other the more peaceful all of our lives will become.

What incredible work Naomi is doing, I highly recommend this experience to anyone who knows deep down that life can be more than what we are currently allowing it to be. – Amanda, Australia February 2015

See you soon!

With love,



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