I couldn’t resist! Just HAD to let you know what’s going on right now with the New Planetary Year, our alignment with Sirius and the Lion’s Gate of shifting time. What I forgot to mention was that Sirius is associated with the Christ Consciousness, so this period (26 July – 12 August) is also a massive portal of strong light codes thrust upon Earth. Light codes is just another way of saying information contained within light. Because we’re aligned with the star system of Sirius, there’s a strong flow of energy between us. The Sirians have, like the Pleiadians and the others of the “Galatic Federation”, a strong love of and connection Earth and humanity. They are here to assist us in our ascension or ‘awakening’ or evolution of consciousness.

So, NOW is a wonderful time to consciously open to this beautiful light and receive.
You can do this by
a) your intention to receive this light in meditation
b) imagining/visualising in meditation
c) inviting the highest light of Sirius to be integrated now in meditation, chanting, drumming … or any conscious creativity that allows you to enter a deeper state of consciousness.

It’s an exciting time for Lightworkers. We’re being given all that we need for the next stages of our evolution. We’re being invited to exit the confines of mainstream ‘time’ and master our own magical abilities to bend, stretch and transcend time.

Have further questions or need clarification?

Email me, or join us on our next live broadcast at www.onemindlive.com/join-now, where I’ll talk about it in more depth. The meditations that are now available for download will help you assimilate these new upgrades/integrations and facilitate your expansion into fuller Being.

p.s. Apologies for a rather chaotic ending – my daughter, her percussion and the dogs’ restlessness reached a crescendo.


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