What we won’t always tell you…

I’ve thought thrice about writing this article, but it feels great to share more authentically what it’s really like as a ‘psychic’. I’ve never really liked this term and don’t actually consider myself a psychic but this is the most commonly understood term for what it is to be ‘super sensitive’.

1. We know when someone’s lying … and we won’t shame them. Through my years of study and training in deep compassion, psychology and psychotherapy, I see some patterns in our human psyche, behaviour and how our incongruency shows. We all have areas we don’t want to share and we all have ways that we like to hide. Including me! We might shift our glance, or our body or perhaps we’ll respond in a way that avoids the topic or shift conversation to another topic. Even if we don’t want to share the truth, that’s ok. As therapists/healers/psychics, we are privileged to be invited into your life to listen or deliver messages, which are often of a very sensitive nature. There is a code of ethical conduct that highlights energetic boundaries and when not to challenge or cross them. This includes – if you don’t want to share, you don’t have to share. This is not personal and certainly not offensive.

2. It’s sometimes difficult to deliver the messages that come through. I remember one client who was in a difficult relationship with her boyfriend. She said he was holding back commitment, but she continued to tell him she wanted to move in and start a home together. Her deceased loved one came through and said blatantly “you’re wasting your time and you deserve better”. Saying this right out loud as blatantly and clear-cut as that would have either shattered my client or made her angry. It’s always best to use tact and gentleness and this can mean first suggesting “there’s a deceased loved one here (in this case a grandmother-type figure appearing on the mother’s lineage) who seems to be protective of you and who really likes to tell it straight, does this sound familiar … right, well, she’s saying you’re wasting your time with him. Does this make sense?” etc. We have to tread carefully and discern how to bring these messages through. How and when this is done, is up to the psychic’s experience and values. It’s best to go to a psychic that’s been recommended or who you have a good feeling about.

3. Being Psychic comes with responsibility. This one seems obvious but I have seen psychics seemingly unaware of their influence and the magnitude of power that they can generate. This can mean the law of attraction works even more powerfully for those who are consciously developing their energy channels, but if you don’t work on your own stuff (aka emotional, psychological, energetic baggage), you’re potentially ‘cruisin’ for a bruisin’. The law of reciprocity for example, is amplified. For example, even the most simplest of negative remarks about another practitioner can bring the same judgement onto you, or mean the same level of disrespect can be done to you. In my observation, this reciprocated energy is quicker and stronger and more powerful than ever. So it’s important to keep your nose clean, but even before doing that, working on your own stuff. Ensure you’re aware of your sore points, your vulnerabilities and your sensitivities because this will open the door to healing for yourself and deepen your practice and integrity as a psychic.

4. The more you develop your gifts, the more power you generate. People will turn their heads when you walk into a room. Children will stare at you, connect with you, be open to and soothed by you. Your prayers will be answered more quickly, your heart will be opened more deeply and you will be shown love more frequently. Your opinion can easily sway another. It’s an amazing phenomenon. Developing your gifts can lead to feeling more confident, more aware and more connection. Developing your gifts can mean you are being shown more of the beautiful mystery of Being. Which is priceless. The more time that goes on, the more clients I see, the more circles I sit in and the more beautiful people I meet; the more I am reassured that we are certainly far more than our physical bodies; who we are is beyond all the conditioning of striving and consuming of our culture and most importantly I am shown without any doubt, we are pure potential and love. Really. It blows my mind to see beyond all the illusions of titles, appearances, history, possessions, location and context, and be given the gift of seeing into a person’s heart – straight through all the projections and identity and even their own stories of who they are –  to their purity; their God essence. That sense of no time and no space with someone is utterly sacred. The depth of this love, of connection and unity is beyond even sexuality or relationship – it is literally out of this world. Being psychic, sensitive and reverent to this is a majestic gift. Even though everyone has this opportunity (just like any other avenue of opening), not all of us take it. I love having this opportunity and I take it with both hands, gently, and into my heart.

5. You begin to transcend your stuff. You have to. You cannot work in a multi-dimensional environment without having an awareness that who you think you are in third dimensional reality is only a hair wisp of the vast cosmos of who you truly are. An integral part of being psychic and a therapist for me, is an appreciation that we are far more than the fears and challenges of every day. These challenges are to be met with the reverence and respect that they hold meaning and opportunities to transcend another level of being, however they are certainly not all there is. This existential appreciation allows you to both take yourself lightly and to be respectful of the challenges you’re facing in this dimension. Sound confusing? It can be.

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