How to make the most of this auspicious time

Have you been feeling the intensity in the build up to last night’s full moon eclipse and today’s Wave X surge?

It’s been a big time of change, endings and beginnings and stepping more fully into our true, authentic selves. My Guides tell me that now is the time for connecting to the Higher Self and becoming more aware and aligned with our true purpose and calling. If we’re able to do this, we will find ourselves turning ‘downstream’ and less conflict, discomfort and pushing will occur, both internally and externally. We’re entering a new chapter that will last 3 years so engaging with your purpose now will serve you greatly. We must have courage during this time though, because there is so much that can trigger us into our old self-sabotaging behaviours or feeling helpless and powerless.

One Mind Live hosted a free live event last Friday. It was a career highlight for me. What a gift to join together with eachother, all over the globe, and share the joy of the Wave X and Eclipse energies. Listen to the free pre-meditation chat  here. We are living the Unity Consciousness now. The Age of Aquarius and the expansion of awareness to the benefit and connectedness of our hearts and minds is a trip! I felt it deeply and tangibly and want to share it with you! Thank you for joining us!! For those who couldn’t make it, you can simply time travel and listen to the event to feel it more acutely for yourself.

The collective energies were palpable and I was taken swiftly into the channelling state to bring through the beautiful meditation. We had a light body activation, chakra cleansing, third eye opening, intergalactic community contact and saw the New Earth. My heart has been full and expanded since, I can feel the tingling within every cell and I can sense the shift in my being.

Some reported symptoms of this intense time are below. How many have you had?
– ringing in the ears, headaches, altered vision
– feeling wobbly, dizzy or ‘clumsy’
– increased psychic phenomena, sensitivity, strong even prophetic dreaming
– irritation, frustration, wanting change but feeling restricted
– awareness of the ‘matrix’ and wanting to exit a sense of feeling manipulated or controlled
– increased self-sabotage, or noticing the duality of your higher self and shadow
– increased compassion, and care for the planet or benevolent causes
– increased presence of spirit guides, loving grace, expanded heart and heightened joy

what to do to prepare for Wave X and to integrate the Lunar Eclipse energies
1. This peak in energy is not over. The lunar eclipse energies affect us 2 weeks either side of the event and the Wave X energies are said to continue for even months to come. Some say that the effect of Wave X can be sudden and instant and for others increase over the coming weeks. Essentially the process of ascension or enlightenment is to embody your Higher Self and live with sovereignty – understanding your soul’s purpose and living it in harmony with all of life as it occurs.

2. Physical activity, time in nature and opening and clearing your chakras assists in integrating and balancing your energy body, light body, emotional body, mental body and physical body. All layers need to be working harmoniously to allow a grounded and easy transition from an old world to the new earth. My guidance has told me to juice every day, as well as eating a balanced diet of ‘clean’, natural occurring foods.

3. Meditation is of course a wonderful way to connect to your multidimensional self. The meditation that we broadcast at One Mind Live on Friday is available now for download. I recommend using this meditation at least once a day for the coming week. Even if you use if whilst you’re falling to sleep, you will find it will assist you in integrating and opening your energy for all that is on offer to you now.

4. Listen to your Guides, your Higher Self and set some intentions for what you’re ready to release and what virtues you’d like to cultivate into your new life now.

Did you miss the Wave X and Lunar Eclipse Meditation?
The replay is available for purchase and download here.

This is the replay of our Sept 24th event celebrating the Eclipse Season, Super Moon and powerful Wave X energies that are affecting us all profoundly right now. Use this special meditation to stabilise, integrate and facilitate your ascension process. This is a wonderful, exciting, evolutionary opportunity and the most powerful moon of our time.

Here’s what some of the listener’s said :

As ALWAYS Naomi,  just beautiful…beautiful, mesmerising meditation. Loved it and am truly grateful I was able to catch it today. Thankyou <3  – M. S.

I managed to catch a part of this and as usual, Naomi, your voice takes me to another place! Just beautiful. Thank you x – S. M.

Loving this pre chat!!!! Tuning in. – L. P.

It’s been a really powerful time for me personally and I am feeling relieved that some of the changes in my life are much easier and almost as though they’re resolving themselves! The most noticeable change I’ve noticed since the shift of 8:8:8 (August) is that my inner conflict has eased considerably and my relationships have deepened in their love and appreciation. It’s also a great pleasure to be working in a ‘business’ that comes from my heart, creativity and passion for life on this planet.

Sending you brightest blessings and much much love,



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