1. Stand in your Power : remember that you are the Creator of your life experience. And when you’re engaging this power, there is great energy flowing through you into all that you intend and do. Wayne Dyer writes “Whatever you call your superior power—Source, God, Spirit—you are a divine creation, and you can never be separate from that which created you. There is no place that God is not.It will serve you in difficult times, at endings and new beginnings, when you’re challenged and when you’re bored to remember your infinite power and engage in your passion. We often give our power away to other people – family members, friends, work colleagues – and it is important to recognise these [not-so] subtle energy leaks. Following the wonderful channel Lee Harris in his channeled message ‘Personal Power‘ : say this statement aloud to the Universe I call back every part or piece of myself that I have ever given away or that I have identified in others. I own all these pieces and bring back all these fragments. They are mine now. They are within me and connect me with the Universe. I own my power now. I surrender to my power.  See yourself as a golden being of light, with all aspects of yourself integrated and aligned.

2. Care for yourself : invest in some self care and nurturing or seek some spiritual support from a mentor, colleague or teacher that you respect. Set an intention for your session to clarify and identify your inner soul’s yearnings and needs at this time. It is possible that you are frazzled, overstimulated or overworked, perhaps you are even bored. Discover and care for your needs as if you had a child within you that has been ignored for decades, indeed this may well be true. Feed yourself the foods that your body needs, go to the calming, nourishing and uplifting places that your old soul requires and simply sleep if you have long been tired and running on coffee. Bring it back to the simplest of gestures and feel your inner connection come alive. Those of you who are giving to others before giving to yourself, this is especially important to you. If you haven’t already felt it, it is likely that energetically you have an imbalance that requires attention.

3. Take time to listen : inside. Listen to the stirrings of your heart. What is your calling? What is your passion? What kindles your enthusiasm, purity and joy? What inspires you? So many of us have turned off our internal compass because we’ve been taught to listen to external advice or authority on what is right for us. Now is the time to re-member ourselves. Furthermore, the guidance that you discover inside will assist you to make small adjustments in your current plan or circumstances. Even the slightest adjustment can take you in a whole new and more aligned projection, so practice listening to the subtle whispers. I love to journal or pray in nature as part of my listening. And the next important part of listening is : act upon what you receive.

4. Be impeccable with your intake : including your water, your food, your entertainment. What you feed your body, your mind and your soul will literally create your reality and impact your ascension journey. Start your day with warm, lemon water. Invest in good, clean water and drink 3 litres a day. As we enter intense periods of physical transformation, changing our physical form from carbon based to crystalline physical body (there are many articles on this philosophy, here is one) we are changing our density to enable communication, perception and ultimately travel inter-dimensionally. Support your amazing digestive system with foods and potions that feel appropriate for your body (try increasing your greens, or making ayervedic adjustments, fermented foods and/or clean eating for example). And if you haven’t already, stop watching violence, mainstream news and “fast-food” entertainment and opt instead for documentaries, reading or enroll in activities that support your interests and passion such as development groups, meditation, art and singing practices. (Currently, to celebrate Dr Wayne Dyer’s life, you can watch his film “The Shift” for free).

Above all, follow your intuition. This is your number 1 tool for the ascension process – the process of releasing yourself from the matrix of control and conditioning and evolving into your fully mastered enlightened Self, fulfilling your Divine Mission here on Earth at this pivotal time. All you need is within you now. And we need you and your unique abilities here on earth.

I am wrapping you in Angelic embrace now and throughout this exciting, next chapter.
May you experience the beauty and joy of your true self and witness the light you shine through all your senses.

Brightest love,

september course : intergalatic activations
wollongong | 14 sept – 12 oct | 6 – 8 pm

Are you seeking to deepen your spiritual gifts or spiritual connection?
Would you like specific support and guidance during your own transformation?
Is it important to you to become more connected with other Lightworkers experiencing the great shifts?

These evenings include channeled messages from the benevolent Star Being Collective supporting us during this major DNA activation, ceremony and practices for expanding your own spiritual gifts and tools.
My Guides have been strong and clear and I’m looking forward to sharing more as this month unfolds.

I have created a 5 week course that will be delivered in Wollongong, to support those who are drawn to share in a conscious evolution together. To book or find out more, email me (info@naomicarling.com).  This course intergalatic activations runs Monday evenings 14 September – 12 October, 6 – 8pm. Exchange is $130 or by donation.


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