Making Amends with the Ego

feelfreeI’m ready now to fully embrace the shadow and love it for what it offers. Ultimately the ego has a purpose, it helps us to perceive separation here on Earth and it helps us to make discernment. The greatest gift of the ego however is to allow us to dive deep into Love. The contrast of the ego’s judgement, attack and criticism is deep diving into forgiveness, compassion, self-worth and love. The ego assists us to release the burden of fear and reignite our faith in Love.

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How to Support Yourself during a Spiritual Shift

Are you sensitive the energy of those around you?
Are you going through a major life change?
Do you need more clarity, support and guidance?

These are indeed transformational times and you will notice your ego has a strong and convincing voice. These egoic thoughts can come through as judgments, attack thoughts towards yourself or others, criticisms and comparing yourself or others. It’s a dangerous and strong cycle that although it seems convincing, is always simply one way of seeing things.

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Naomi Carling

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