I asked my guides what I needed this year and this is what came through. In order. I love how answers are always available when we’re ready to receive them.

1 Practice extreme self love.

  • Such as giving yourself positive feedback – everyday!Starlightstarbright
  • Practicing extreme self-forgiveness at all times
  • Set alarm or future note for self (www.ohlife.com) to give you emphatic messages of love, appreciation, faith and hope unexpectedly in the future

2 Know your most frequent triggers, and discover an antedote.

  • It’s time to heal and let go of those old patterns – the ones that keep you small, that make you react negatively, that encourage your judgemental eyes or comments.
  • You will need to start by noticing them, most obviously by the way you feel (i.e. bad!). Take an affirmation, a spiritual practice , speak to a trusted friend or engage in another activity that will assist you to heal or recover from this behaviour.
  • What do you learn about yourself or your story?

3 Do something nice for and by yourself at least once a week.

  • Learn to value yourself by giving yourself what you want and need to enhance your internal growth and expression. Do something to indicate you care deeply for yourself and your wellbeing.
  • You might want to gift yourself an opportunity to learn something new or add to your skills, or simply receive a massage or something else you really desire.

4 Disclose your real love to your loved one/s by telling them what you appreciate about them. List at least 3 in this conversation, card or email.

  • Adding to their joy will not only make them feel good but build a positive association between them and you. And let’s face it; we all need as many good perceptions as possible.

small gestures create big changes

5 Donate

  • Whether its once each pay or once a year, making a pledge to tithe or give back enhances your commitment to abundance rather than lack and to supporting life rather than restricting from its energetic flow.
  • The Universe responds to your gestures, thoughts and feelings.

6 Write down your top 12 values and commit to practicing one each month. Write one on the 1st of every month in your diary or on your kitchen calendar. Practice that theme throughout the month.

  • some of my favourites : january – courageous communication, february – generous compassion, march – forgiveness, april – patience, may – tolerance, june – internal fortitude, july – body movement, august – clear direction, september – expressed gratitude, october – body wisdom, november – freedom, december – abundance
  • Practice these virtues in as many new ways as possible. Be creative.

7 Clear out.

  • Get rid of clothes, kitchen stuff you don’t use, books, clutter and give them away or sell them. The more energy you can allow to move and flow, the more you can hold and receive. As you practice and embrace this concept, you’ll naturally make it a habit and enjoy a simpler, more authentic and abundant lifestyle. (Opp shops will also love you!)

8 Write.

  • Or draw, or sing, or play, or create.
  • Speaking of energy flowing — this is important. You’ll never become easy-going or easy-flowing with your talents, gifts, passion if you don’t express it. Either metaphorically or literally, these mediums of creating give you important internal reflection and soulful expression simply through the act of being lost in your activity.

9 Invoke your passion.

  • Wherever you are in the moment, take time to reflect on how you got there / here. And be there fully, passionately, and aligned with your highest ideal of yourself – such as your Angelic Self, Leader Self, Creative Self, Amazing Self … and find the gratitude and purpose behind where you are. Recognise that something about where you are is because you wanted this, allow yourself to be courageous in this moment; practice looking through your most loving and appreciative eyes; practice being gentle; practice being patient …
  • When you find your purpose in each moment, you are giving yourself permission to awaken the energy, the fire, the light, the PASSION within you and within now.
    Give yourself permission to be purposefully IN THE MOMENT. You will experience a rise of kundalini and an opening of the most powerful energy centre of your body – the heart.
    And you transform.

10 Welcome CHANGE


Welcome GROWTH


Be with who you are in every moment and even if they’re unawakened parts of you – accept, nurture and love them. Find out what they need – this is what you need. May all disembodied parts come back home. <3

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