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Naomi Mea'alofa Nonu-Carling

Inituitive Coach - Channel - Therapist
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– Access deeper states of connection
– Clarify your purpose and next steps
– Harness inner power for manifestation
– Learn stages of Sacred Ceremony and prayerful intention setting\

Distraction and busy-ness are normal symptoms within our modern culture, however you may be feeling the calling to slice through even the most extreme demands to access deeper wisdom, make time for you and for reconnection to intuition.The one-day retreat provides you the perfect context to let go, release and delve calmly, easily and safely into your wisdom that is always there, beneath the chaos.You’ll leave with tools to confidently access your inner wisdom, to know how to listen and trust, and tools to help you continue a habit of living in alignment.

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Places are limited to only ten lucky people.
TO BOOK : We need full committment by way of deposit or full payment plus an email to
LOCATION : Robertson, private address
DATE : Saturday June 2nd
TIME : 930am – 430pm
EARLYBIRD : $140 before May 21st
PLEASE BRING : A question or intention you’d like answered, warm layered clothing and covered shoes, journal and pen, recording device (smart phone is good), offering for the altar that you will take home with and an open heart!



Deepen your Intuition

Through mentoring with Naomi, gain the clarity, practical tools and insight to anchor your soul’s purpose into a fulfilling and rewarding business.

Experience deep shifts in your perception and direction whilst Naomi assists you to gain clarity and understanding for your current challenges.

Book your private session with Naomi with channeled guidance in response to your questions.



Deepening Intuition 1 day retreat

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What Naomi Can Do For You

Always Available to Help You

Access Naomi’s services for making contact with your own personal Angels for clear, accurate connection; however you are also able to connect with your Angels yourself! Everyone is born with at least 2 angels, but most commonly, hundreds more than this. Those who request angelic assistance will gradually become more and more aware of their presence and draw even more Angels to their side.

As mentioned above, the easiest way to connect with your Angels is to simply say aloud or in your mind “Angels, I need your help now” and they will respond instantly. You may recognise their presence by a change in the atmosphere, tingles on your skin, a shift of energy within your body, a knowingness that they are there and even sparks of light or visual apparitions of Angels. Some even report hearing their name spoken aloud. They are non-discriminatory so you never have to worry that you are not worthy or enlightened enough to receive their loving support and guidance.

Coaching and Counseling Packages

Are you ready for a change of career?

Do you need change to live more in alignment with who you are and your passion and your earthly purpose?

Is there something that you know you need to start doing but can’t quite get going?



Do you need help and guidance with meditation?
Would you like to learn new tools and increase your psychic development with Naomi?
Are you seeking more peace and clarity through meditation?

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